的最佳小工具 2013 !

The Best Gadgets of 2013 !

THE YEAR 2013 might not have seen many noteworthy breakthroughs or innovations in terms of smartphones or tablets, with the year failing to deliver anything but updated models and refreshed designs. But that doesn’t mean the year didn’t bring its fair share of quirky, less conventional gadgets and unusual devices worthy of a mention.

From Bluetooth-enabled smartpens to app-controlled bulbs, here are some of our favourites, in no particular order.

The Livescribe 3 pad pen and ipad

Livescribe 3 Smartpen is indisputably one of the coolest gadgets to come out of 2013, boasting some unique and innovative features that mean note-takers will never have to miss an important quote again.

third iteration was launched in Autumn, touting some major changes. The smartpen, which is known for its ability to take a note of whatever its user is scribbling and copy it on the fly, does this now using Bluetooth Smart LE technology, transporting everything that is written on specialLivescribe dot to an iOS device via a Livescribe+ app.

Livescribe 3 is available in two versions, one for £129.99, which includes the smartpen along with a 50-sheet starter notebook, as well as a microUSB charging cable and a black tungsten-carbide medium-tip ink cartridge. Priced at £169.99, the Livescribe Smartpen 3 Pro Edition includes a leather Smartpen portfolio with a 100-sheet hardbound journal, a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium, a charging cable and an additional ink cartridge.

Philips Hue lightstrips and bloom update

荷蘭人 electronics 公司 Philips launched its LED digital lighting system Hue back in late 2012, however it wasn’t until mid 2013 that the gadget really came into its own.

Controlled by mobile devices via a WiFi bridge that hooks up to an internet router, the LED lightbulbs allow users to control the colour of lighting in environments for different moods via an app on iOS or 安卓 mobile devices.

今年, Philips added additional lighting options to the smartphone-controlled system and a feature dubbedFriends of Hue”. The additions areLivingcolours Bloom lights and Livingcolours Lightstrips, which are different variations and shapes of bulbs that are controlled by the 色調 app to deliver different, more dynamic lighting systems in the home.

The interesting thing about the lightbulbs is that Philips has left the software development kit (SDK) open for developers so the lighting can be controlled in future apps, opening up the technology for a host of possible innovations.

Gmax 3D printed 3D printer overview

Gmax 3D printer
3D printers are by no means a new invention – early versions can be traced back to the 1980s. But it’s not every day you meet someone who has built a 3D printer to then design and print their own much larger 3D printer, which is then used to print even more 3D printers that are then shipped off as flat-pack build-it-yourself additive manufacturing devices capable of a larger-than-average build volume of 41x41x23cm.

Seen here first at The INQUIRER when we met with the printer’s designer Gordon LaPlante, who showed us the Gmax during its prototype phase earlier this year, in his living room design studio in Brooklyn, the flat-pack 3D printer kit is now available to buy on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website from $1,095.

LaPlante insists the Gmax is very easy to assemble, as buyers need only toslide in and screwthe pieces together. It might not be available in your local Maplin store just yet, but it’s definitely one of our favourite and most innovative gadgets of 2013.


誰說好東西進來的小包裝從未像現在這樣在現場就計算英特爾的下一個單元 (核桃) 被關注到. 這是我們最重要的工具之一, 2013 這主要是因為我們仍然在這樣一個小盒子提供巨量的計算能力大吃一驚.

國統本身絕不是全新的, 但 什麼今年給我們帶來是增加英特爾的第四代Haswell的處理器 在同一個緊湊的外形, 使得NUC就像微小的,多才多藝的,但更多的權力,甚至更低的能耗. 還有兩個SO-DIMM插槽支持高達DDR3內存的大規模16GB.

英特爾的Haswell的供電NUC現在可從約£250, 根據配置.

FAM Sports Check fitness gadget KEEP GOING

Check fitness training gadget
We can’t say health and fitness gadgets usually gain much attention here at詢問者. But when we heard about the Check training gadget 今年早些時候, we made an exception.

What’s good about FAM SportsCheck gadget is that it is the first portable device to use electromyography technology, a technique for recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. Based on the phenomena of peripheral muscle reflex caused by electric stimulation, Check uses a sensor system that hooks up to a disposable electrode that is placed on your forearm. The electrode sticks to the wrist and is attached to the main device, which also has a sensor that sits on the tip of your thumb.

Check communicates over Bluetooth LE to an iOS or 安卓 device and when you hit thenew assessmenticon in the app it will send a low-voltage current through your body in order to stimulate the nerve-muscle connection and tell you if your body is ready for a day of training or not.

Check is aimed at fitness fanatics and professional athletes and is available from FAM Sportsonline store for £225, along with various bundles of disposable and non-disposable electrodes, which are sold separately.

Orbitsound SB60 Airsound Base in a room

Orbitsound SB60 Airsound Base
Not only an innovative product but an innovation in technology, 太, 該Orbitsound SB60 Airsound Base is an all-in-one subwoofer and soundbar system built on the company’s patentedAirsound” 技術.

Updating the M series of wireless soundbars launched in February, Orbitsound’s SB60Airsound Base is what the firm callsa one-box TV sound solution with an integrated subwoofer without the need for additional speakers”.

The Airsound Base is powered by the firm’s Airsound technology, which was known asspatial soundin its previous lineup of products. It takes advantage ofsum and differenceaudio signals, as opposed to left and right channels, to create what Orbitsound terms a more solid image.

We had the chance to test the SB60 for several weeks and can confirm it’s one of the best sounding in its class, all squeezed into one neat package that fits snuggly under most TV sets. It’s available now for £299.

Grifin powerdock 5

有時只需要最簡單的設備來對你的生活影響最大, and before long it’s hard to see what you did without them. This is certainly the case with Griffin’s Powerdock 5, which we can’t imagine living without now we’ve become accustomed to using it every day.

Measuring around the same as a single iPad laid flat, the Powerdock 5 is a multi-charge point for all your i-devices, giving you a place to store and charge five gadgets at one time, from a single 功率 資源. As long as there’s a USB cable to charge it, the Powerdock will handle it. It’s the perfect charging solution for small offices or work groups, or a family full of安卓, 視窗 or iOS device users.

Griffin’s Powerdock 5 is available now for £80.


The Smart Key fob

Elgato Smart Key
Another one of life annoyances: even in a modern age of 3D printers and wearable devices, remembering where you put your keys can sometimes prove a challenge. It’s a good job that this year Elgato devised a gadget for this predicament, 然後, 是不是.

The Smart Key is essentially a Bluetooth-enabled fob that, unlike rival devices, uses Bluetooth Smart 技術 in conjunction with recent software upgrades in iOS 7, to promise a reliable, consistent and versatile gadget-finder.

Working alongside an iOS app that acts as a command centre, the fob can be attached to anything you like – not just keys, 顧名思義. It can be synced via the app under a name corresponding to whatever it is attached to: “handbag”, “suitcase”, “keys”, 等等. If you leave something behind, the app will notify you accordingly, seeing that you never leave your valuable possessions behind again.

Smart Key fob is available now for £40.

Drawing a house with Adobe’s Mighty and Napoleon

Adobe Project Mighty and Napoleon
Adobe announced in September that it would take a serious step into hardware for the first time, and bring the internet-connected stylus experiment Project Mighty to production, along with a accompanying digital ruler called Project Napoleon.

The digital drawingtools deserve a place in our top gadgets roundup for 2013 because once we got our hands on them, we knew instantly they were one of a kind.

With a three-sided twist for better ergonomicsduring use, the stylus has a notification LED built into the end that emits a range of colours to signify information such as battery status and data transfer. The stylus is encircled with sensors so it can be charged in a USB charging dock.

They might not have become a purchasable reality yet, but the drawing tools – which are aimed at those in the 設計 industry who are looking for tablet and 智能手機 accessories – offer an enhanced alternative to pencil and paper drawing.

The Google Glass display box sits on the top right hand side on the eyewear

2013 marked the first year that Google 玻璃 became a tangible product; from mere prototype hype and mock videos in 2012, to something we could test out and use, albeit in an environment controlled by Google. But that didn’t mean we weren’t eager to get our mitts on the highly anticipated spectacles when we were invited to try them out back in summer.

From our demo, it was clear that Glass is more about the tech concepts it introduces, as opposed to a concrete device planned to make it big with consumers. Google isn’t promoting Glass as the next big thing in technology, but more as a proof of concept that it wants to receive feedback on and improve upon and just see where it goes.

Lightweight and futuristic looking, the eyewear is perhaps more an indicator of the kind of technology we are likely to see in years to come, and in that respect, we applaud Google for trying something new and giving people the chance to try an alternative to a smartphone. We think it’d be impossible to argue that it’s not a one-of-a-kind device, whether it becomes available to buy or not.

LG pocket photo

Korean hardware firm LG is perhaps best known for its substantial line-up of smart TVs, monitors and 智能手機. But that all changed earlier this year when the company unveiled a rather unusual device, claiming to be the smallest and lightest mobile photo printer on the market.

Working with any smartphone or tablet, the LG Pocket Photo printerproduces roughly business card-sized colour prints via ZINK inkless printing technology, which LG says eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges.

When we reviewed the nifty gadget, we found it extremely fun to use, working with a smartphone app that allows you to add filters and photo effects before printing out and covering everything you own with them.

The LG Pocket Photo printer is available now for £130.

Close up of the 3in Leap Motion USB device

The idea of augmented realitygesture control proved ever-more popular in 2013, with more manufacturers integrating it into their products.

Love it or hate it, Leap Motion was the first to give those who don’t already own gesture-controlled devices the option of such a technology. 其 Leap Motion控制器turns any PC with a USB port into a 3D motion-activated computer for just £70.

device allows people to control their computers with hand and finger movements, claiming to sense gestures made by your handsthe way you move them naturally”. Working with蘋果電腦 computers and PCs, the 3in device is powered by USB and downloadable software.

It also tracks all 10 fingers up to 1/100th of a millimetre with zero visible latency, leaving your hands free to move in eight cubic feet of interactive, 3D space. It’s a neat and unique little gadget, which also comes with Airspace, the Leap Motion app store that is said to contain more than 75 applications such as paint programs and games built by developers and designed specifically forLeap Motion 技術. A welcome addition to the year’s line-up of quirky and unique gadgets. 5.

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