Sony will bring PS One and PS2 games to the PS4

Sony will bring PS One and PS2 games to the PS4

Unlike Playstation 3 (PS3) emulation, which will be hosted remotely on the new Playstation Now online service, games for the earlier consoles in Sony’s Playstation canon will be rendered locally by an emulation engine.

According to Eurogamer, the emulators will not only reproduce classic games of the past, but also upscale them in a way that won’t lead to them becoming a blurry mess as in the past. The concept for an “HD remaster” on the fly will be more attractive to users than the cloud service that’s being used to support PS3 games.

It is thought that titles will come to the Playstation Network in time, and that many of the features will be replicated on Playstation Now. However, because of the lower screen definition of the older games, it is more important to use the increased power of the PS4 to update the games to an acceptable level.

This leads to the question, if Sony is doing this for older generation console games, why has it committed to a cloud service for PS3 titles? Apparently the answer is money, as it’s an opportunity for the fans whose virtues Sony extolls in its present PS4 marketing campaign to pay for the games on the popular PS3 all over again.

As Moodys has reduced Sony’s credit status to junk, the Japanese technology giant is finding more ways to capitalise on the loyal fanbase of its PS3 games consoles. Meanwhile, piles of useless PS3 optical discs litter charity shops in the UK. µ
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