Notable Features and Using Procedure of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Notable Features and Using Procedure of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

People often become frantic when their important files are accidentally deleted from their computers or mobiles. However, it should be remembered that no data can be permanently lost from a computing device unless the user really intends to do so. The accidentally deleted files simply remain hidden somewhere within the computer. So the user may need suitable HDD recovery software or Hard Drive Data recovery software for retrieving the lost files.

EaseUSData Recovery Wizard Free edition is highly effective in restoring all types of lost data from the hard drives of a computer. It can be used in the restoration of more than 1000 varieties of documents, images, emails, audio and video files. Therefore, no one needs to panic for the loss of vital data from desktop, laptop or any external removable device. Special IT expertise is not needed for installing and using this software, due to the clear instructions mentioned by the manufacturer company. 

Important features of EaseUSData Recovery Wizard

  • Recovery of data lost in computer formatting – When a computer is formatted, all the data stored in the Desktop or other hard drives may be wiped off. In this case, EaseUSData Recovery Wizard is very useful in promptly restoring all the lost data very quickly and easily. 
  • Recovery of accidentally deleted files –Any type of file accidentally deleted from a computer can be retrieved with the help of this HDD recovery software. All document files, emails, graphic images, audios, and video files can be restored by the application of this software. Thus, the user need not face any severe loss for his accidental mistake in deleting files.
  • Retrieval from a hard drive or SSD – The hard drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) may be inflicted with a harmful virus if suitable antivirus is not present in that computer. Thus, all the files stored in that hard drive can become inaccessible due to the action of that virus. These files can be restored back into a safer place on that computer or may be taken a backup in an external storage device, with the help of this powerful recovery software. 
  • Recovery of inaccessible data due to OS crash – The operating system or Windows of a computer may crash all of a sudden, leaving the user totally flabbergasted. It is impossible to get access to the important files of that crashed OS. Therefore, EaseUSData Recovery Wizard is the best and easiest way of recovering all such lost data.  It takes a backup of all those files, even if the operating system is still inaccessible. 

Simple procedure of using EaseUSData Recovery Wizard Free

First of all, EaseUSData Recovery Wizard Free version is just downloaded from the internet on the computer, where lost data needs to be retrieved. Then this software should be run on that device and as per the given instructions, the definite location on the hard drive is pointed out for scanning. This HDD recovery software scans the entire drive and searches out all the files that are hidden there. The user may preview the required files from the long list of lost data, before selecting those files to save in any other safe location on that computer or to an external USB.

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