Amazon Echo: El primer 13 Proves a realitzar

Amazon Echo: The First 13 Things to Try

Alexa, assistent virtual d'Amazon, és de més de 3 milions de llars als Estats Units a través de l'altaveu de l'eco. Ara està disponible al Regne Unit - però quin és l'atracció?

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Aprendre les ordres bàsiques

La primera cosa que vostè voldrà fer amb el seu nou Amazon Echo és aprendre uns pocs comandaments bàsics de veu. Dir "Alexa: aturar!"Serà immediatament cancel·lar qualsevol activitat que està passant; per fer música més alt o més, dir "Alexa: volum cap amunt "o" Alexa: baixar el volum". Pot saltar a un nivell de volum específic dient un número de l'u al 10: "Alexa: un volum "al seu torn, l'àudio fins a un murmuri, mentre que "Alexa: silenciar "dibuixa la eco complet. Una vegada que tingui la caiguda d'aquests, vostè pot començar a experimentar amb les ordres més aventurers, amb la certesa que sempre es pot cancel·lar o silenciar qualsevol activitat no desitjada.

Canviar la paraula arrel

Potser no li agrada el nom Alexa - o potser vostè té un membre d'aquest nom de la família i no desitja causar confusió. En qualsevol cas, vostè pot canviar fàcilment la paraula el ressò respon a. Per fer-ho, obrir l'aplicació d'Alexa en el seu telèfon intel · ligent o tauleta, Anar als ajustos, a continuació, feu clic al seu ressò i toc per canviar la "paraula arrel". Vas a veure que té tres opcions: "Alexa", "Amazon" o "eco" - tristament, no es pot triar el seu propi nom. També pot ser que vulgui anar en sons & notifications and enable audio feedback – a gentle “boop” – when the Echo hears Alexa’s name, so you know when it’s listening.

Link your calendar

One of the Echo’s many useful tricks is the ability to tell you what events and appointments you have coming up. To connect your Google calendar, simply go into settings in the Alexa app, then tap calendar>Google calendar>link Google calendar account. With this done, you can ask simple questions such as: "Alexa, when is my next appointment?", or “Alexa, what am I doing on Saturday afternoon?” You can create new events, massa. Just be warned that Alexa doesn’t have any concept of privacy: if you have any secret rendezvous noted down in your Google calendar, don’t be surprised if she spills the beans to an inquisitive family member.

Set up traffic and sports updates

The Echo setup process prompts you to provide your home address, so Alexa can immediately offer local weather and news reports. If you tell the Echo where you work, you can also get traffic reports for your commute. To do this, open the Alexa app, Anar als ajustos>traffic and tap to enter your work address, along with any relevant waypoints along the route. You can now ask “Alexa, how’s the traffic?” for a live update. Alexa can also read you headlines and more from our sister publication, la tutor: just enable the “skill” on the Echo app, llavors, per exemple, dir: "Alexa, ask the tutor to give me the football headlines.”

Connect your smart home devices

The Echo can control a wide range of connected home devices, such as thermostats and smart lighting. En alguns casos, this may require you to equip Alexa with a new “skill”: to do so, go to skills>categories>smart home and search for your device. Once you’re set up, simply tell Alexa to “discover devices”. You can then issue commands such as “Alexa, set the Nest temperature to 20 degrees” or “Alexa, brighten the bedroom light”. Under smart home>groups you’ll also find the ability to create named groups of devices, so you can – for example – turn all your exterior lights on or off with a single command.

Get shopping

The Echo makes it very easy to order items from Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime account that’s set up for one-click ordering, you can enable voice purchasing within the Alexa app. To place an order, simply say “Alexa, order Black Mirror on DVD” or “Alexa, order organic quinoa”, and confirm the purchase when Alexa reads it back to you. You can also add items to your basket for later review. If you have children in the house it might be a good idea to leave this feature turned off, però: you can set up a four-digit pin, but since you have to say it out loud to authorise a purchase, it probably won’t stay secret for long.

You can use Alexa to control the Nest smart thermostat.
You can use Alexa to control the Nest smart thermostat. Fotografia: Samuel Gibbs for the Observer

Connect your Spotify account

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can ask Alexa to play selections from more than 1m popular hits and playlists in the Prime music streaming service. The Echo can also play songs from your personal Amazon music library – you can upload up to 250 tracks free. If you have a Spotify premium account, the Echo can stream from there as well: simply link it in the Alexa app under settings>música & mitjans de comunicació, then issue a command such as “Alexa, play In the Air Tonight from Spotify”. If you don’t want to specify the source every time, tap “Choose default music services” and choose Spotify from the menu that appears.

Tune in to your favourite radio station

The Echo doesn’t have an FM receiver, but it integrates with TuneIn to provide access to a huge range of radio stations over the internet. Simply say “Alexa, play Radio 4” or “Alexa, play Absolute 80s” to listen. Since TuneIn is a global service, there’s a far wider range of stations to choose from than you’d get with a regular receiver – why not try WDDH in New York, or ABC Adelaide? You’ll find the full list of stations at You can also ask Echo to play music from a particular genre.

Alexa, tell me a story

If you’re a fan of the spoken word, you’ve probably built up a library of Audible audiobooks. Now Echo can play them to you: simply say “Alexa, play A Brief History of Time", and assuming the book’s in your Audible library, the narrative will begin. As with music, you can tell Alexa to pause and resume as needed: “go back” skips back 30 segon, while “next chapter” and “previous chapter” work as you’d expect. Echo may soon be able to read out Kindle books too, since the feature is already available to US users. Her delivery won’t be as natural as a professional storyteller, encara que, and don’t expect her to do the voices.

Pick up a pizza through the Just Eat app, which can be linked to Alexa.
Pick up a pizza through the Just Eat app, which can be linked to Alexa. Fotografia: Just Eat

Order a takeaway

Skills allow the Echo to interface with real-world services, and it doesn’t get much more real than JustEat. Once you’ve installed the skill (and linked it to your Just Eat account), you can order dinner without having to lift a finger. Per descomptat, no one wants to listen to Alexa read out an entire menu, so for now the service is limited to repeating orders from your history: you might say “Alexa, ask Just Eat to reorder pizza” or “Alexa, ask Just Eat to reorder ramen”. As with Amazon voice purchasing, there’s nothing to prevent the service from being abused by inquisitive children, but perhaps that won’t be a big problem for the single men it’s evidently aimed at.

Work up a sweat

After you’ve devoured a few takeaways, you may need a spot of exercise. Alexa can help here too: one of the most popular features is the seven-minute workout, in which Alexa guides you through a short programme of timed exercises, including jumping jacks, press-ups and wall sits. If you’re not sure how an exercise should be done, you can see a graphical tutorial within the Alexa app. There’s no musical accompaniment – just a ticking timer sound – but you can start your own playlist and hear it quietly in the background. In future, the developers plan to extend the feature so you can track your performance and get access to a wider range of exercises.

Enjoy games and Easter eggs

In the skills library, under games, trivia & accessories, you’ll find dozens of games you can play with Alexa, including interactive quizzes, bingo, and even blackjack. Alexa can roll virtual dice for you too – with any number of sides – and she plays a mean game of rock, paper, scissors. If that’s too simple for you, she can also play the more sophisticated “rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock” variant. If you’re looking for more cerebral stimulation, try asking some philosophical questions, such as whether Santa Claus exists or who let the dogs out. Alexa has a lot of smart responses, and she’s well versed in films, books and TV shows.

Expand and accessories

The Echo receives regular software upgrades: to find out about new features, go to things to try>what’s new? in the Alexa app. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the skills library, as new capabilities are being added all the time. And if you want to expand your coverage into other rooms of your house, consider investing in the Echo Dot – a miniature version of the Echo costing £50 – or £250 for a pack of six. It has the same capabilities as the full-sized Echo, just with a smaller speaker – and if you like, you can connect an external speaker with a cable or over Bluetooth. © Guardian News & Mitjana Ltd 2010