屏风和5G: 什么是未来智能手机在 2019?

Folding screens and 5G: what’s coming in smartphones in 2019?
缺口后, 手机制造商正在转向打孔自拍凸轮和更大的屏幕
技术Guardian.co.uk\这篇文章题为 "屏风和5G: 什么是未来智能手机在 2019?" 写由塞缪尔·吉布斯, 对于theguardian.com上周五12月28日 2018 08.00 世界标准时间从推出5G的手机到大屏风, 多个摄像头和指纹扫描仪的屏幕下, 2019 看起来将与缺口隐藏的自拍摄像头和传感器在屏幕的顶部改造智能手机在很多方面比one.2018生产手机. 虽然不太创新最有可能寻求, 缺口使得制造商可以去除一切从前面,这不是screen.Now的智能手机基本上是在前面所有的屏幕和玻璃的背面有一个板, 什么是未来的手机创新?打孔机相机 华为新星 4 华为新星 4 is one of the first phones with a small hole in the top left corner of the display through which the selfie camera pokes. 照片: 华为 Notches are an ugly necessity at the moment – everyone but Apple agrees – as the camera has to go somewhere. But they don’t have to be large intrusive bars.2019 will see new hole-punch screens, which literally have small holes in the display through which the selfie camera pokes. Huawei has already announced two phones with a diminutive hole in the display, as has Samsung with its Galaxy A8s.With more devices expected to follow, it appears 2019 will be the year of the punch-hole display.Fingerprint scanners in the screen 万普拉斯6吨 In-display fingerprint scanners will be popular in 2019. 照片: 塞缪尔·吉布斯的守护者 What was long seen as the holy grail of biometric systems, 嵌入到屏幕上的指纹扫描仪终于成为了大众市场成为现实,在结束 2018 与 万普拉斯6T华为伴侣 20 临.严格来讲, 该扫描仪是显示下, 通过屏幕上的像素读您的拇指或其他手指的脊. 当前一代的光学传感器要由改进的超声波传感器明年在各种同一性的phones.Sea的接合 iphone XS和XS最大 玻璃背, 全屏幕方面和金属面, 的手机 2019 很可能是看起来非常相似, 2018. 照片: 塞缪尔·吉布斯的守护者 当你已经是在前面,相机背面的屏幕, 没有太多在设计方面,从下一个区分一个模型。“该矩形触摸屏已经成为智能手机的主导设计很快就有随时改变该行业的迹象,”本·伍德说:, chief of research at CCS Insight.If you were hoping for a radical new design in 2019, you might be out of luck.Cameras, 摄像头, 摄像头 华为伴侣 20 临 华为伴侣 20 专业评审 - camera lump 照片: 塞缪尔·吉布斯的守护者 Having killed off the compact camera, smartphones are coming for the big, expensive digital SLRs and their ilk.First we had dual cameras 在背上, then triple and now even quadruple. Some have up to 10x zoom that doesn’t look like a distorted mess, while most sport ever improving portrait modes for that pleasing shallow depth of field 散景效果.“Cameras are a major battleground when it comes to competitive differentiation,” says Wood.Expect to see even greater use of computational photography, where multiple images from single or multiple cameras are combined to create a photo with algorithms, improving your candid snaps, particularly in low light.5G and super expensive phones iphone XS最大 Apple’s iPhone XS Max continued to stretch the limit people were prepared to pay, costing at least £1,100. 照片: 塞缪尔·吉布斯的守护者 5G will finally launch in 2019 with faster data and ever more expensive phones. But it won’t just be 5G phones pushing up the price. The cost of phones in the top-end market dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S series is expected to continue to rise.“Don’t be surprised to see the £2,000 phone in 2019 – the advent of 5G, premium materials, perhaps foldable devices and more will see the emergence of a new ultra-premium segment,” says Wood. “Apple has let the way on smartphone inflation and we expect manufacturers to keep pushing the boundaries – particularly as people hold on to their phones for longer.”Chinese battle at £500 oneplus 6t glass back OnePlus, Xiaomi and Honor will all be battling it out for the sub-£500 flagship phone in 2019. 照片: 塞缪尔·吉布斯的守护者 If you can’t stomach paying £1,000 for a phone, there is hope. With a new super-premium category, the market for slightly more competitive devices that offer top-performance is likely to expand.OnePlus has proved the niche exists with top-end phones costing under £500 in UK. Now it has been joined by Chinese rival 小蜜 and it aggressively priced top end phones, alongside the increasing sales of Honor, Huawei’s cheaper sub-brand.Old phones in hands for longer a woman on talking into an iPhone 6 When your phone still works fine, why spend £1,000 to upgrade to something that isn’t radically better? 照片: Michaela Rehle/Reuters Giant leaps in performance and capability are long gone, chilling the desire to upgrade and leading to an ever increasing segment of the population holding onto their phones for longer.“A recent survey by CCS Insight among a statistically representative sample of UK consumers indicated that 36% of people will hold onto their smartphone longer than the previous device they had,” said Wood.Like the chicken and the egg, it’s likely the more expensive a phone is the longer someone might hold onto it, which may in turn force prices up as manufacturers struggle to maintain profits. At least those without a cut of services such as Google Pay or the Apple App Store.But what about folding phones? Samsung’s folding phone is due in 2019, but it likely won’t be the only device with a foldable display. Samsung’s folding phone is due in 2019, but it likely won’t be the only device with a foldable display. 照片: 斯蒂芬·拉姆/路透 Like something out of science fiction, folding phones will become a reality next year, 同 one already unveiled and Samsung’s effort due to be launched at some point in 2019.Whether or not the reality lives up to the fantasy, folding phones are likely to remain niche for years.“Although a magnet for gadget lovers, the folding phone’s inevitable high cost and its trade-offs in usability will result in limited shipments. Problems are likely to include poor readability in sunlight, a bulky design to protect the screen’s fold and the need for an external screen,” says Wood in his predictions for CCS Insight.还, if you really must have the most bleeding-edge device, it looks like you will be able to buy one in some form as the never-ending quest for larger and larger displays continues.guardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010Published via the 卫报新闻供稿 插件 为WordPress.
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