You won’t get an iPad Mini with Retina display this Christmas

You won’t get an iPad Mini with Retina display this Christmas

GADGET DESIGNER Apple’s long rumoured iPad Mini with Retina display reportedly has been delayed until next year, so you can scrub if off your Christmas list.

That’s what Reuters reported on Wednesday, explaining that supply shortages mean Apple is unlikely to launch the iPad this month as planned, citing people who work in the company’s supply chain.

According to the report, despite Apple having planned to launch the iPad Mini with Retina display in October, the firm’s supply chain is “only now gearing up” to make displays for the new iPad Mini, meaning that the device will not be available in large volumes until early 2014. This must a blow for Apple as, if talk of the delay is true, it could see the firm missing out on the Christmas tablet rush this year.

Still, Apple’s new iPad Mini sounds like it could be worth waiting for. As well as a 7.9in Retina display, the miniature tablet is expected to feature “thinner and lighter dimensions” than its predecessor, as well as improvements to the camera.

Reuters also reported that Apple will launch an 8GB version of its iPad Mini to challenge Google’s cheaper Nexus 7 tablet.

Arthur Liao, an analyst for Fubob Securities in Tapei, said this could work in Apple’s favour. He said, “Right now the iPad Mini is more expensive than everyone else in the 7-8in tablet segment. If it could reduce its price by even just $50, it would appeal to more consumers.”

Apple hasn’t yet, and is unlikely to comment on the rumoured delays. µ

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