אַמאַזאָן קינדלע פּאַפּערווהיטע 2015 פּאַראַד: the sharpest and best yet

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2015 review: the sharpest and best yet
קוילעלדיק כעזשבן5
  • The new Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s best yet. Its light, easy to hold and use, while the screen one of the crispest e-paper screens I have seen. It makes reading a pleasure and I read for longer than I would normally.


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Amazon’s latest Kindle is an updated version of its Paperwhite, now with a crisper and easier to read screen with twice the number of pixels.

The Paperwhite is the midrange Kindle, below the top-of-the-line £170 Voyage that promises every bell and whistle, and above the £50 basic Kindle. But has Amazon eaten into the Voyage’s advantage by giving the new Paperwhite the same resolution e-paper screen as its flagship?

Simple monochromatic design

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review
The backlight makes the e-paper screen look white and is adjustable through 24 לעוועלס. פאָטאָגראַפיע: שמואל גיבבס פֿאַר די גאַרדיאַן

From the outside it’s difficult to see what’s changed. It’s the same screen-focused design. The back is covered in a soft-touch plastic, the front bezel is harder and slightly more grey than the previous generation.

There are no buttons apart from the power button on the bottom edge – a touchscreen takes care of the rest. Swipe or touch the right hand side to turn the page, the left to go back. Touch the top to invoke the menu and change settings, adjust the backlight or select a new book.

If you have ever used a Kindle or any other e-reader it will be immediately familiar.

The 6in screen is the focus. It has twice the number of pixels and a screen density of 88 more pixels per inch (פּפּי) ווי די פֿריִערדיקע דור פּאַפּערווהיטע בייַ 300פּפּי, וואָס איז באמערקט ווען לייענען טעקסט. פֿאַר פאַרגלייַך די טשיפּאַסט קינדלע קאָסטינג £ 49 האט אַ 6ין פאַרשטעלן מיט 167פּפּי, וואָס איז נאָוטיסאַבלי ווייניקער קלאָר.

די פראָנט ליכט מאכט די חשבון דערשייַנען ווייַס, וואָס איז ווו זייַן נאָמען קומט פון, און קענען זיין מאַניואַלי אַדזשאַסטיד פֿון טאַקע זייער העל צו זייער טונקל פֿאַר לייענען אין דער פינצטער. די באַקלייט איז אַפֿילו אַריבער די בלאַט, אָבער די זייער דנאָ פון די בלאַט קוקט אַ ביסל גרייַער.

עס איז דער בעסטער פאַרשטעלן טאָמיד יקוויפּט צו די פּאַפּערווהיטע, און בשעת עס שוועבעלעך די מערסט טייַער קינדלע, די £ 170 ווויאַגע, אויף פּיקסעל ציילן עס איז נישט גאַנץ ווי הויך קוואַליטעט.


  • פאַרשטעלן: 6אין E-פּאַפּיר (300פּפּי)
  • דימענסיאָנס: 169 רענטגענ 117 רענטגענ 9.1 מם
  • וואָג: 205ג (3ג ווערסיע 217ג)
  • קאַנעקטיוויטי: ווי-פי (3ג אַפּשאַנאַל)
  • סטאָרידזש: 4גיגאבייט
  • באַטאַרייע לעבן: רייטאַד פֿאַר בעערעך 21 שעה פון לייענען

ניו Fonts און פֿעיִקייטן

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review
The Bookerly font is designed to be easier to read on-screen. פאָטאָגראַפיע: שמואל גיבבס פֿאַר די גאַרדיאַן

Amazon has a new font for its Kindles called Bookerly, which is designed for reading on screen rather than the printed page, and new typesetting features. Combined they make reading on screen easier than using classics such as Helvetica. I found eye-strain wasn’t an issue, even during long reading sessions – it is for me reading on screen on a smartphone or tablet.

Amazon’s X-ray, notations, word look-up and progress indicators, which tell you how much longer it will take you to finish a chapter, all add value and interest to the reading experience.

Hold a finger on a word or a name and a context sensitive information box pops up, which is particularly useful for abbreviated terms, acronyms or characters you’d forgotten about.

Faster and lasts 21 שעה

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review
Forget a character? The X-ray feature makes it easy to keep track of who is who. פאָטאָגראַפיע: שמואל גיבבס פֿאַר די גאַרדיאַן

The new Paperwhite is also slightly faster and more responsive while navigating the interface than the previous generation. It doesn’t rival a premium tablet, but feels snappy for an e-reader.

The Paperwhite weighs 205g, is 9.1mm thick and is easy to hold in one hand. Turning a page with the touchscreen is easy with two hands, less so with one – buttons on the right- and left-hand edges for page turning would be nice.

Amazon claims the Paperwhite lasts for up to six weeks reading 30 מינוט אַ טאָג (21 hours in total) with the brightness set to 10 פון 24 לעוועלס. That’s two weeks less than the previous Paperwhite with the same settings, but easily long enough to finish a book or two.

I managed to finish two 400-page books with airplane mode on before needing to recharge the Paperwhite. Leaving the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity on drained the battery more quickly.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review
The black soft-touch back is easy to grip but picks up dust. פאָטאָגראַפיע: שמואל גיבבס פֿאַר די גאַרדיאַן

The Kindle Paperwhite 2015 costs the same as the previous generation at £109.99 for a Wi-Fi only version with special offers, which puts adverts on to the lockscreen for books and other bits.

A version with 3G is also available costing £169.99, while removing the ads costs £10. It is currently available for pre-order shipping on 30 יוני.


The new Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s best yet. Its light, easy to hold and use, while the screen one of the crispest e-paper screens I have seen. It makes reading a pleasure and I read for longer than I would normally.

It’s not a giant leap over last year’s Kindle Paperwhite or the first one, but is a substantial improvement over Amazon’s basic Kindle and is arguably better than most other similarly priced rivals.

It also isn’t quite as good as the Voyage, which is still my favourite e-reader, but it is £60 less expensive.

The Paperwhite is therefore for someone who is an extensive book reader, would like access to Amazon’s large library and doesn’t mind being locked into it, but can’t stomach paying much more than £100 for a single-use device. For that purpose, it is excellent.

פּראָס: גרויס פאַרשטעלן, easy to use, look-up and X-ray features are great, even backlight, large range of accessories, extensive book store

קאָנס: relatively expensive for a single-use device, no automatic adjustments of the backlight, no page turn buttons

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review
Words, acronyms, abbreviations and footnotes are all accessed by just holding a finger over the letters. פאָטאָגראַפיע: שמואל גיבבס פֿאַר די גאַרדיאַן

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