Apple бармеангезад, рад нармафзори мусиқӣ HMV аз Store Барномасозони

Apple moves to reject HMV music software from the App Store

HARDWARE DESIGNER Apple has asked the UK high street music store HMV to stop offering its free app in its iTunes App Store.

HMV started its new look digital music service just this week and apparently it is already doing good business on both iOS and Android. Google Play seems to be shifting the most copies, but this has not stopped Apple from waking up and glaring at HMV.

A tweeted message from Paul McGowan, CEO of Hilco Capital and chairman of HMV said that Apple approved the app last month, but has since had a change of heart.

After the first 5,000 downloads of the #hmvapp overnight we get the first rumblings of discontent from Cupertino,” Ӯ гуфт:. “Apple have politely asked us to remove the #hmvapp from the AppStore. We have politely declined.

We checked. It is still there, live in the App Store, and our installed version is still on our iPhones and seeking a username and password.

It was only yesterday that HMV was introducing us to its app, and telling us that it directly competes with Apple and iTunes on a number of fronts. We tried it out and found single tunes for 99p. Apple flogs the same for 79p.

HMV’s position at the heart of entertainment retail demands that we enable customers to buy their music from HMV in the way that best suits them and to engage more closely with the music, video and gaming worlds,” said McGowan then.

Integrating a ‘listening postImage Search feature will enhance the shopping experience as music fans scan and sample albums in store over our newly-fitted high speed Вай-фай before deciding to buy either the physical or digital product direct from HMV.

Apple declined to comment, and HMV told us that it would provide more information when it has it. м

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