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Xbox One X Review
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  • Microsoft daima kuuzwa Xbox One X kama bidhaa wasomi kwa kukubali kweli na kwamba ni sawa kabisa ni nini

Pamoja na vielelezo yake stunning, Xbox One X ni jambo la karibu na nzuri PC michezo ya kubahatisha uzoefu katika mfumo console. Lakini ni thamani ya £ 100 kuboresha?

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Miaka minne baada ya uzinduzi wa mashine ya awali, familia Xbox One Microsoft ni sasa hatimaye kamili. Ingawa Xbox One X umepongezwa kama console nguvu zaidi kuwahi kutengenezwa, bado sana Xbox One derivative, mbio michezo yote hiyo na kufanya kazi na vifaa vyote na hakuna Xbox One X exclusives. What you get is improved audio-visual performance – rather like the difference between playing a PC game on a regular mid-range home computer versus a high-end gaming monster.

Greater power hasn’t meant a giant form factor though – this might be one of the least conspicuous consoles in history. Reverting to black after the refreshing “robot white” colouring of the Xbox One S, it’s a truly minimalist slab of modern consumer electronics design taking up less space than any previous Xbox iteration. Microsoft claims to have employed cutting-edge engineering techniques to achieve its sleek form factor, including a vapour chamber cooling system, which has led to an impressively quiet machine. During gameplay, kuna kidogo zaidi ya hum mpole kutoka kitengo - kulinganisha vizuri na PlayStation 4 Pro na awali mashine Xbox.

Pia onboard ni HDD mpya kwa ajili ya mara kwa kasi ya upakiaji (ingawa sisi ni kuzungumza sekunde hapa), pamoja na inafaa tatu USB, na kiwango macho, IR Blaster na HDMI na kutoka bandari.


  • Processor: desturi 2.3GHz AMD Jaguar 8-msingi
  • graphics processor: desturi AMD Radeon 1172 MHz, kazi katika 6 TFLOPs
  • kumbukumbu: 12GB
  • Uhifadhi: 1TB HDD
  • Optical gari hii: 4K UHD Blu-ray
  • Vipimo: 30cm x 24cm x 6cm

Lakini ni kweli 4K?

Sababu kuu ya kununua Xbox One X ni wake bora UHD / 4K utendaji, jambo ambalo halilingani katika sekta console. Pamoja na nane-msingi 2.3GHz CPU na teraflops sita ya nguvu usindikaji, inaweza kufikia asili 4k mchezo vielelezo, ambayo ina maana screen azimio la 3840 × 2160 saizi katika viwango vya frame hadi 60fps (frames per second), as well as higher quality textures and smoother rendering.

Xbox One X in black and white.
Xbox One X in black and the Xbox One S in white. Picha: Microsoft

Take a Porsche 911 GT2 out for a spin on the legendary Suzuka circuit in Forza Motorsports 7 and you get a thrilling taste of what this means – superlative texture detail on the car models and scenery, gorgeous lighting and reflection effects and astonishingly fluid movement. There are times, especially in wet, overcast weather, when the experience hits genuine photorealism.

It’s very unlikely many games will aim for this fabled performance benchmark however. We’re already seeing titles offering players a choice between visual fidelity and raw performance. Gears of War 4, kwa mfano, lets players select between performance mode and visuals mode, the former runs at 60fps in 1080HD, while the latter halves the frame-rate but quadruples the image resolution to 4K. Titles such as Kupanda kwa Tomb Raider and Middle Earth: Shadow of War offer similar options. Kwa njia hii, the Xbox One X really is replicating the PC gaming experience where players have much more control over their performance ratios.

Elsewhere, you’re getting all the contemporary visual features we demand these days without truly understanding, such as wide colour gamut and high dynamic range lighting (although Xbox One S does too). Just load up Assassin’s Creed Origins to see what this means: vibrant panoramic desert scenes, lit with intense sunlight that glints off golden armour and casts long shadows over the terrain.

What about the PlayStation 4 Pro?

On paper, akaonekana PlayStation 4 Pro is less powerful than the Xbox One X (2.1 GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and a meagre 4.2 teraflops of processing power – what a wimp). Hata hivyo, it does have titles running at native 4K, albeit at 30fps, and also makes smart use of a technique known as checkerboard rendering to mimic 4K resolutions, which can be pretty indistinguishable from the real thing.

For casual users then, big titles like hatima 2, Fifa 18 na Assassin’s Creed Origins look very similar whichever console you go for. Wakati huo huo, key PlayStation exclusives such as Uncharted 4 na Horizon Zero Dawn are as graphically exquisite as anything running on Xbox One X. If you love your PlayStation and want to play games like Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War and Death Stranding, rather than, kusema, Sea of Thieves, Halo, Gears of War or Forza, the impetus really isn’t there for most people to make the switch.

Those at all interested in virtual reality should be aware that, unlike PlayStation, Xbox One still lacks its own headset, and there is nothing on the horizon (though a derivative of Microsoft’s Hololens mixed-reality tech has been rumoured). What the PS4 Pro doesn’t have, Hata hivyo, is a 4K Blu-ray drive, which comes standard with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, allowing you to play movie discs in glorious 4K UHD resolution.


  • The Xbox One interface remains a rather confusing and unwieldy beast even after several re-designs
  • There is detailed information on setting up 4K support on your TV, including a basic calibration walkthrough, which is really useful
  • The console has a super-scaling feature meaning that if you have a 1080p TV it will condense 4K texture details to give an improved visual experiencethe only concession to the “past”


The Xbox One X costs £450/$500 with a 1TB HDD.

kwa kulinganisha, the Xbox One X with a 500GB drive costs around £225/$250, and the PlayStation 4 Pro costs £350/$400. It’s likely there will be bundle deals for the Xbox One X with one or two games.


Xbox One X Console Back Ortho
Tempted by the ‘most powerful console ever made’ shtick? Picha: Microsoft

Microsoft daima kuuzwa Xbox One X kama bidhaa wasomi kwa kukubali kweli na kwamba ni sawa kabisa ni nini. The technology and engineering are extremely impressive, providing some truly superlative visual experiences – it’s the closest the current generation gets to a decent gaming PC in console form.

Hata hivyo, most gamers will be satisfied with the 4K performance they’re getting from the Xbox One S or PS4 Pro, while anyone who still feels satisfied with their 1080p HD display is probably not going to be seduced by what the Xbox One X has to offer.

If your decision is about upgrading from an Xbox One or Xbox One S, it would be smart to wait a while and see just how enthusiastically developers support the new machine. Currently, Microsoft says around 150 titles are getting enhancements for Xbox One X (including both forthcoming titles and legacy favourites like Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XV), but these will vary enormously in scope and ambition.

If you’re a PS4 owner tempted by the “most powerful console ever made” shtick, have a good look at the exclusive titles coming to both machines and ask yourself what you want to play. It’s not all about visuals after all.

Multiplatform titles will almost certainly look better on Xbox One X than on PS4 Pro, sometimes very noticeably (and elements like increased draw distance and smoother frame-rates can have a palpable effect on your gameplay experience), but is it worth the extra £100? That’s a conversation you need to have with your aesthetic standards and your wallet.

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