Sony PS4 will not support MP3, DNLA or Audio CD

Sony PS4 will not support MP3, DNLA or Audio CD

HIDDEN AWAY in the dark recesses of the Sony website is a horror story for Halloween.

The PS4, seen by many as the must have games console this Christmas, has seen some of its expected features chopped off.

A few unexpected surprises surfaced on the “Ultimate FAQ” released on the Sony PS4 blog on Wednesday.

“Can I listen to audio CDs using PS4?

No, PS4 does not support audio CDs.”

“Will PS4 support media servers or DLNA support in order to stream videos or movies from a home PC?

The PS4 system does not support client functionality for media servers.”

“Will I be able to play MP3s on PS4?


So, now that you’ve stopped screaming, let’s recap. You won’t be able to play music through the PS4, nor digital media.

You might be thinking that this is a step backwards, towards the land of the dead, but of course Sony has thought of everything.

What Sony has thought of is its Subscription Service Music Unlimited, of course. Why would you want to listen to your own music that you’ve bought, when you can stream it for an extra monthly fee?

While we realise that for most people the main purpose of a games console is to play games, these additional features in its predecessors were what made it an “entertainment” console.

Holding customers to ransom by making them sign up for these subscription services is somewhat of a cynical ploy on the part of Sony to promote its own products. Remember that this Sony service, along with Video Unlimited, will be in addition to Spotify, Google All Access, Netflix, Lovefilm, Napster, or any other streaming service that you are already buying.

We suspect that if enough noise is made about this, Sony will have to change course with a later software update. µ

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