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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Review
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  • It’s still remarkable how not-rubbish the 2017 amazon Fire 7 tablet is when it costs just £50. Two years on from the original £50 marvel not a lot has changed, but the screen is definitely clearer and more colourful, while it is a little lighter and slimmer.

Zlepšená rozpočet tablet má lepší displej, is slimmer and lighter and lasts a little longer between charges, also comes with Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa

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At just £50, it was remarkable how not-rubbish the 2015 amazon Fire 7 tablet was. Two years on, the Fire 7 (the 7 comes from the screen size – 7") has slimmed down a little and has an improved screen, but is still just £50.

Slimmer, lighter and brighter

Side-by-side it’s difficult to tell the 2015 Fire 7 and the new 2017 Fire 7 apart. Jediným naozaj znateľný rozdiel je sada nových farbách - vrátane čiernej, modrý, červené a žlté - a ak ste škúlenie by ste mali byť schopní vidieť to 1 mm tenší, a to 18G ľahšie.

Vonkajšie je vyrobená z jemne textúrou plastu, ktorý sa cíti odolný. Amazon tvrdia, že je dvakrát tak odolný ako Apple iPad mini 4 a to je asi pravdu. Hrany sú zaoblené a veľmi príjemný na dotyk, a všetky porty a tlačidlá sú v jednej hrane, vrátane portu slúchadlá, microUSB portu, napájanie a ovládanie hlasitosti.

amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
Reproduktor v zadnej časti ohňa 7 nie je až do naplnenia izba so zvukom. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian

Tam je reproduktor do chrbta, ktorá je veľa dosť nahlas pre sledovanie videa na cestách, ale nie dosť nahlas, aby pohodlne sledovať televízny program v kuchyni nad zvuky odsávača ventilátora a wok.

Obrazovka 7in stále nie je HD, ale jeho farby a černosi sú lepšie, pretože 2015, Vďaka tomu je jasnejšie a lepšie vyzerajúce. Nie je to bude vyhodiť vás ani konkurovať iPadu akéhokoľvek generácie, ale je to úplne v poriadku pre sledovanie nepárny diel zoznámenie alebo hranie trochu Real Racing 3.

Skúsenosti čítanie je zlepšenie na tom the 2015 Fire 7, s krajší font vyhladzovania, ale je to stále nie je tak ostrý ako Kindle alebo smartphone. To predsa má modré Shade, ktorá upravuje jas a znižuje množstvo modrého svetla vyžarovaného na obrazovke, aby sa nočné čítanie pohodlnejšie a menej pravdepodobné, že narušenie spánku.

amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
Amazon’s Kindle app does a good job of handling text on the relatively low-resolution screen. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian

Technické Údaje

  • Obrazovka: 7v (1024 x 600) LCD (171ppi)
  • Procesor: 1.3GHz quad-core
  • RAM: 1GB pamäte RAM
  • Úložný Priestor: 8GB; microSD slot tiež k dispozícii
  • Operačný systém: Fire OS 5 založené na Android 5 Lollipop
  • Kamera: 2MP zadná kamera, 0.3MP front-čelia fotoaparát
  • Pripojenie: Wi-Fi n, Bluetooth
  • Rozmery: 192 x 115 x 9.6mm
  • Hmotnosť: 295g

Sluggish but not quite infuriating

amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
ak 8 or 16GB of storage isn’t enough, a microSD card slot allows you to add more. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian

The new Fire 7 has the same 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM as the last one, a vykonáva obdobne. It’ll handle most games perfectly fine, if with slightly longer load times and slower frame rates than you might be used to on a top-end smartphone.

The operating system rolls along perfectly acceptably too. It’s not what I would call quick, but I didn’t suffer from any moments of lag that made me question whether I actually tapped the button or not. Swiping through the panes of the home screen is smooth, jumping between apps works relatively quickly, but there can be a noticeable delay between the app opening and it being ready for use.

The battery lasted for a little over 6.5 hours of video watching with the brightness cranked up, which is enough to get through most of a transatlantic flight. Playing games brought it down closer to 5.5 hodiny. If just reading, the battery will likely last quite a bit longer.

Fire OS 5.4

amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
With Fire OS you’re stricted to apps available from the Amazon App Store. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian

The 2017 Fire 7 runs Amazon’s customised version of Android called Fire OS 5.4. It looks quite different to the traditional Android experience from Google, lacks Google apps and only has access to the Amazon App Store, not the Google Play Store.

Navigating it is easy with clearly marked panes filled with either apps, hry, knihy, video, hudba, magazines, audio books etc. It makes the best of what is a media consumption device, rather than a work device.

There is an email app, Amazon’s Silk browser, contacts, kalendár, WPS Office and other bits pre-loaded that do general information management and light office duties should you need them.


amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
The weather card from Alexa. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian

The jewel in the crown for Fire OS 5.4 is Alexa – Amazon’s voice-enabled smart digital assistant. It’s the same Alexa that’s found in the company’s Fire TV a Echo smart speaker zariadení, and has access to the same information.

Hold the home button and Alexa listens to your commands and questions, geared up to launch apps and optimised around entertainment. Alexa’s responses are more like those found on the Fire TV with interactive cards displayed while it talks through the answer to your questions.

Ask for the weather and get a card displaying current conditions and the weather for the week you can scroll through. Ask how old Uber’s ex-CEO Travis Kalanick is and get the answer but also the option to tap a link and search Bing for the query.

You can search for media simply by asking Alexa too. Amazon Music cards display playback controls and asking for a particular show takes you to the listing in Amazon video. Searches for content within third-party apps such as Netflix go unanswered, unlike the Fire TV, but almost everything else works fine including Alexa’s flash briefing and review of your day.


amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
Apart from Google’s Play Movies and Apple’s iTunes, most video services are available on the Fire 7. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian
  • The cameras are pretty poor producing blurry shots with little in the way of detailonly to be used in an emergency
  • There’s a for Kids edition of the tablet with a rubber case and no Alexa, but there are kids apps on the default version and fairly good parental controls
  • The 2017 Fire 7 takes about five hours to fully charge
  • It requires an Amazon account to use and a Prime account to make the most of it


The 2017 amazon Fire 7 tablet costs £50 for 8GB of storage and “with special offers”, which are little adds on the lockscreen for recommended content from Amazon’s store. It costs £10 to remove the adverts. The version with 16GB of storage costs £60 with adverts.


It’s still remarkable how not-rubbish the 2017 amazon Fire 7 tablet is when it costs just £50. Two years on from the original £50 marvel not a lot has changed, but the screen is definitely clearer and more colourful, while it is a little lighter and slimmer.

Will it win over iPad buyers? Do Not. Can you “get work done on it”? Pravdepodobne nie. But you can buy six Fire 7 tablets and still have £39 left over for the same price as on iPad. And that’s the point. The Fire 7 isn’t amazing, but it gets the job of consuming media done at an absolutely rock-bottom price, and is much more capable with other tasks than you might expect. At £50 the Fire 7 has no equal, and now it even comes in a range of bright colours.

Pros: it costs just £50, slot microSD karty, acceptable battery life, cíti odolný

Nevýhody: rubbish cameras, veľmi pomalé nabíjanie, Obrazovka low-res, podsaditý, heavy for the size, no USB-C

amazon oheň 7 preskúmanie
The back is made from one piece of hardwearing plastic, now in bright colours. Fotografie: Samuel Gibbs pre Guardian

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