Secure Your Home Whilst On Holiday

Secure Your Home Whilst On Holiday

You’ve bought your plane tickets, you’ve reserved your hotel room and you packed your bags. You are ready to leave for your vacation right?

Wrong. What about the security of your home?

It’s probably obvious that planning your vacation takes a great deal of time and effort. It involves researching hotels, finding the best priced holiday package and flights, you more than likely have to arrange the rental car and of course there’s the itinerary.

There is another important detail you most homeowners forget, it’s the security of your home whilst you are away on holiday. Leaving an empty house is the perfect bait for burglars. If you want to ensure that everything is how you left it, there are a few simple steps you must execute.

The greatest and most effective strategy is to make your house look like it’s currently being lived in.

Making your home look like you never left is the best solution to its protection. Don’t leave the obvious signs you are on vacation. Have you neighbor come by and pick up the newspapers, mail and flyers. Also leave some lights on inside your house; attaching these lights to timers is a great way to ensure that the lights only run at night.

Not only do you have to hook the lights to timers you could also hook your TV or radio to timers and run them at particular times. Avoid leaving answering machines that state you are on vacation. It’s quiet simple for a burglar to reverse search the phone number of your address.

If you have planned to go on vacation for a long period of time, ensure you get someone to cut your lawns. Another great strategy is to ensure your close neighbors know you are on vacation; they can also look out for suspicious activity.

Another effective technique is to make your home physically secure
Before you leave for your vacation you should do a full sweep of your house, check and deadlock every single access point to your home. If you have manholes (the access points from your homes interior to the inside of your roof) you’ll want to isolate those areas. Primarily if you have a manhole in your bathroom, you’ll want to dead lock the bathroom. This will ensure that any intruder who makes access through the tiles in your roof, has no where to go inside except the isolated area.

If you do and it’s recommended you do not do this, keep spare keys on your property outside your home make sure they are taken and locked within your home. If you have an alarm company, call them let them know of your plans and be sure to given them returning dates, etc. This will enable them to call the local police if your home alarm goes off during your absence instead of directly contacting you.

If you are catching a plane or not using your car during the vacation, be sure to lock your car keys at another location not within your home. Leaving your car keys in your home allows the burglar to smash a window, grab the keys and take off with your mustang (not good news for you!). In addition, if you have valuable items in which you can’t live without, it is highly recommended to do the same with them.

Another great technique, although not welcomed by many is to prepare yourself to be robbed.

It doesn’t matter how hard you protect and try to prevent a burglar, there’s no guarantee you won’t be robbed. Creating a list of all the valuable items you’ll be leaving in your home will help the insurance claim. If you have the ability to video your contents this will help facilitate your claim. Store the tape in a safe place such as a safe deposit box.

For large valuable items, you label your drivers license to the item. Use a label and sticker device to attach you license number to all your large items TV, Computer, Etc. Be sure to position the sticker in a hidden place, maybe underneath the item. This enables easy identification later on down if you are robbed.

Nobody expects to be the victim of a crim, but it does happen. By under taking simple techniques you can minimize the chance of being robbed. Just by taking a little time to protect your home, you’ll enjoy your holiday a lot more.


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