Nvidia announces the Tegra Note Android tablet prototype

Nvidia announces the Tegra Note Android tablet prototype

CHIP DESIGNER Nvidia has announced an Android tablet prototype called the Tegra Note that it claims is something special.

Marketed as a tablet design rather than as a direct to market offering, the Nvidia Tegra Note is a prototype for Android tablets to be built by Nvidia OEM partners around the world. In the case of the UK, two of these will be EVGA and Zotac.

As you’d expect it’s a graphics powerhouse, with a Tegra 4 chip boasting a 72-core GeForce GPU and quad-core Cortex A15 CPU. For good measure, there’s fifth core dedicated solely to battery saving. It’s a bit like having four butlers to do your bidding, and then hiring a fifth whose only job is to whisper in your ear to chill out.

It has Nvidia Directstylus – Nvidia’s answer to the Samsung S Pen – along with apps to make the best use of it, making the tablet far more than just a games machine.

Also onboard will be Nvidia Pureaudio, which Nvidia claims has widest frequency range in a tablet, along with front-facing speakers and a bass-reflex port.

There is also a camera with Chimera computational photography architecture, which will be combined with apps for 100fps video with slow motion playback – ideal for anyone who wants to show off their Vine account.

Accessories are already in the pipeline. Nvidia promises over the air (OTA) updates and claims that the battery life is good – promising 10 hours of HD video playback on a single charge.

The promises being made by Nvidia sound almost too good to be true, and would certainly put this Android tablet head and shoulders above almost everything that has gone before it. But the biggest revelation of all is the price – £179.99.

The INQUIRER can’t but help wonder if something that seems too good to be true actually might be, so we’re reserving judgement until we get one in our hot little hands. µ

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