Apple TV gjennomgang: Fjerde generasjon streaming boksen ikke fullt bakt

Apple TV review: fourth-generation streaming box is not fully baked
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  • Apple TV er ikke fullt bakt. Videoen deler er utmerket, men det tilgjengelige innholdet er begrenset i Storbritannia. Musikken app er dårlig, fjern app ikke fungerer og andre biter er bare ikke klar.


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Den nye Apple TV lover å revolusjonere TV-opplevelsen med apps, iTunes og Siri, men føles veldig mye som et halvferdig første generasjons produkt, ikke en fjerde generasjons en.


Den nye Apple TV er en liten, glanset svart boks som sitter under TV. Det er ikke fullt så liten som den forrige Apple TV, som det er en tredje høyere, men det er omtrent samme størrelse som alle andre streaming-media boks tilgjengelig.


Installeringen er ganske grei. Plugg inn strømkabelen og koble den opp til TV-en med en HDMI-kabel. Man følger ikke med i esken, verken er en ethernet-kabel.

Dessverre, selv om du kjøper den fra Apple Store, Apple TV ikke kommer forhåndskonfigurert med Apple-ID. Amazon gjør dette med Brann-TV og Apple bør også.

Du har to alternativer for å sette opp programvaren. Du kan bruke en iPad eller iPhone til å sette opp Wi-Fi og iTunes kontoer, eller manuelt skriv inn dine detaljer med fjern.

Remote-baserte oppsettet var grei, men du skriver inn tekst var kjedelig. Ved hjelp av en iPad oppsettet stoppet første gang betyr at jeg måtte starte helt på nytt. Men når det fungerer er det bare et raskt trykk på nettbrettet eller smarttelefonen på toppen av boksen følg deretter instruksjonene på enheten. Fem minutter og du er ferdig.

Når oppsettet er ferdig, du er på egen hånd. Det finnes ingen rask tutorial eller hjelp, og det er ganske mye skjult bak kulissene. For eksempel, dobbelt trykke på "hjem" knappen, som faktisk er den med en TV-skjerm ikon på det, tar deg til en meny over nylig brukte applikasjoner, slik at du kan bytte mellom åpne programmer. Det er lite sannsynlig for deg å prøve det; Jeg gjorde det ved et uhell første gang.

apple tv fjern
Den øverste delen av fjernkontrollen er en touch pad og fungerer som en stor knapp når den trykkes. Fotografi: Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian


  • Prosessor: dual-core A8
  • Lagring: 32 eller 64 GB
  • Vise: 1080p
  • Lyd: Dolby Digital 7.1
  • tilkoblinger: 10/100 ethernet, HDMI 1.4, USB-C, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dimensjoner: 98 x 98 x 35mm


Siri Remote er nytt. Den har en touchpad på toppen som fungerer som en gigantisk knapp. Resten av fjernkontrollen har menyen, hjem og Siri knapper, volume control and a pause/play button.

You charge it with a Lightning cable but a power adapter isn’t included. It cannot be charged from the Apple TV but there’s no light or anything on the remote to say when it is charging.

It connects to the Apple TV via Bluetooth and has an IR blaster for controlling the volume on your TV or amp, which should automatically just work, unless you have to manually programme it as I did with my Sony amp.

Swiping, swiping and more swiping

apple tv fjern
To navigate the interface, swipe, select the app and press the touch pad down to fire it up, or select content from the top shelf. Fotografi: Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian

Swiping on the touchpad is less efficient than using a directional pad. Quick swipes scroll with a bit of momentum, you can tap one side or another to move one step left, høyre, up or down and press down to select. I kept wishing I could just press and hold a button for scrolling through long lists.

The interface has inertia built-in. Move your finger on the touchpad and a movie poster moves around slightly as if it the cursor is stuck on it before the selector zips off to the next movie along. It’s visually attractive but I found it didn’t make using it any easier – in fact, it actually inhibited quick selections.

Hold the Siri button to start up voice control. You can launch apps, ask simple questions – such as: “What’s the weather like?” – and search for movies and TV shows, but it doesn’t let you search for music or anything else.

The clever bit is the breakdown of search into different types. For eksempel, hitting the button and saying “Archer” brings up all seasons of Archer from the iTunes store and Netflix in the UK (more services in the US). It’s simple and works well.

More advanced searches such as “Pierce Brosnan movies” followed by “Only the good ones” shows the depths of the voice control. Det fungerer godt.

Manually browsing content is a lot slower and less satisfying.

Apple plus third-parties

apple tv review
The top-shelf displays content from the selected app, in this case from iTunes movies, but apps such as Netflix can show your recently watched history. Fotografi: Eple

Content on the Apple TV is broadly divided into things provided by Apple and third-party stuff. In the Apple camp is access to the iTunes store for movies and TV shows, Apple Music or your iCloud Music library, iCloud Photos and the App Store.

It’s very clear when you start using Apple’s services that many of them are unfinished. Those that Apple has spent time and attention on – the movies and TV shows from the iTunes store – are very good. Siri works well, it’s slick and if you’re plugged into Apple’s ecosystem, it’s fantastic.

But the Apple TV’s music app is so basic it’s frustrating to use. It feels like something from 2006, scrolling through massive lists, swiping over and over with no way to quickly skip or search. Siri just says no thank you. I have a large music library within iTunes Match and it took me, bokstavelig, about five minutes to scroll from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

Once you’ve got to the right artist, album selection is fine, but skipping tracks is laborious. Select, scroll, select again. There’s no one button or gesture to get you to the next track. It’s made worse because you can play music in the background while doing other things. You can pause and play, but if you want to change the track you’ve got to dig all the way back into the music app.


The one big thing the Apple TV has going for it is the entrenched iOS developer community. Other boxes, such as Amazon’s Fire TV, have apps but no other has the draw that the Apple TV does for developers to create bespoke apps for it.

Apps range from YouTube and Now TV to Netflix – which integrates with Siri search – to shopping apps, weather apps, apps for working out and apps for hotel bookings. The BBC iPlayer isn’t available yet. There’s no ITV Player, Alle 4, Google Play or Amazon Prime Video.

The list of apps is only likely to expand, and while you might not end up wanting to shop on your TV, it’s just the tip of the iceberg if the iOS App Store is any indication.


The Apple TV is about as powerful as an iPad Air 2 and so supports games with a similar level of graphical quality. Apple calls them “console quality”; some such as Galaxy on Fire, se bra ut. Others are simply cutesy games.

Controlling them using the remote is either a Wii-like experience, swinging the remote around like a baseball bat for example, or a swiping and clicking affair. I found neither particularly satisfying, wanting dedicated, responsive buttons for arcade games and quickly growing tired of motion games.

You can connect third-party controllers to turn it into a makeshift console, but not every game supports it. The strange thing is you can connect up to three controllers and a remote, but not more than one remote, which makes Wii Tennis analogues out of the question. Two-player games such as Crossy Road, which allows you to use an iPad or iPhone as a second controller, were surprisingly good at a party.

Games typically download quickly, but I found some graphically intensive games constantly had to download something. Before you start the app, again when you try to change level. It quickly got tiring.

apple tv review
The Lightning port on the bottom of the remote works with any iPhone 5 or newer charger, but there is one in the box. Fotografi: Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian

Other observations in brief

  • You can connect a set of Bluetooth headphones directly to the Apple TV for private listening.
  • The screensavers – fly-over footage of cities and landscapes around the world, from London to Hawaii – are genuinely mesmerising.
  • “Reduce Loud Sounds” enables dynamic range compression, which levels out the volume difference between loud and quiet sounds and makes nighttime listening better for your neighbours.
  • The ethernet port tops out at 100mbps. Connect via Wi-Fi for much faster speeds.
  • Siri is meant to know your location and preferences, but insisted on giving me my weather in Fahrenheit not Celsius for the first week of using it.
  • The remote is not intuitive. Guests couldn’t figure it out until I explained that it was a touch pad and that you had to press not tap it.
  • The menu button is a back button and works as it does on Android or Windows Phone. The home button is the one with the TV screen logo on it.
  • The Apple Remote app doesn’t work with the new Apple TV.
  • Music is output in 5.1 surround sound, not just stereo, if you have a surround sound system.
  • A hand strap for the remote is available, which you will need if you have kids and motion games.
  • There’s no 4K support, which isn’t a problem now, but may be in the next couple of years.
  • You can scrub through a video or music by moving your finger on the remote.
  • Saying “what did he say” to Siri will skip back 10 seconds and put on subtitles for video.


The fourth-generation Apple TV costs £129 with 32GB of storage and £169 for 64GB of storage.

For sammenligning, the Amazon Fire TV with 4K costs £80 the Roku 3 costs £100 and the Google Chromecast £30.


Apple TV er ikke fullt bakt. Videoen deler er utmerket, men det tilgjengelige innholdet er begrenset i Storbritannia. Musikken app er dårlig, fjern app ikke fungerer og andre biter er bare ikke klar. Having waited for the best part of three years to release a new Apple TV, why is it not complete?

The remote is like marmite, people will either love it or hate it, and while the interface looks fancy, its discovery is poor and it doesn’t introduce anything particularly new.

The App Store is likely to be the Apple TV’s saviour. Whether all the streaming services will be available remains to be seen. Amazon Prime Video seems unlikely, although you can resort to streaming others over AirPlay from an iPad for instance.

The Apple TV has the potential to be really good, and most of the issues could be corrected by software updates, but right now it’s a work in progress that isn’t as good as much cheaper competitors.

Pros: power of the App Store, access to iTunes and Apple Music, good voice control, IR control for volume, motion gaming

Cons: half-baked, music app poor, Siri can’t search music and only iTunes and Netflix, most UK streaming services missing, no HDMI cable, no remote charger

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