Amazon lanceert waterbestendig Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon launches water-resistant Kindle Paperwhite

Update of popular e-reader introduces thinner and lighter design, Bluetooth compatibility and audiobook support

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Amazon has launched a new version of its popular Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, which is thinner, lighter and now finally water resistant.

De nieuwe 2018 Kindle Paperwhite is the second Amazon e-ink device to be given the water resistance treatment following the launch of the Rolls Royce of e-readers, de £230 Oasis, in 2017.

The new Paperwhite costs just over half as much as the Oasis, at £120, offering the same protection for up to 2m depth for up to 30 notulen.

Eric Saarnio, head of Amazon Devices for Europe, zei: “Customers love the Kindle Paperwhite, and we’re excited to bring premium features — like a thinner and lighter flush-front design, additional storage, waterdicht en Audible -. om onze meest populaire Kindle”

kindle paperwhite
Als u al wilde je Paperwhite te nemen in de hot tub, nu kan je. Foto: Amazone

De nieuwe Paperwhite is 8.18mm dik en weegt 182g, waardoor het iets minder dan 1 mm dunner en 23g lichter dan het oudere model, die werd uitgebracht in 2015. Het scherm 6 inch e-ink is nu gelijk met de voorzijde van de inrichting, vergelijkbaar met de Kindle Oasis, met dezelfde 300ppi resolutie en de front-verlichting voor het lezen in het donker.

De nieuwe Paperwhite heeft nu ook Bluetooth voor het aansluiten van draadloze hoofdtelefoons of luidsprekers, and built-in Audible support for Amazon’s audiobook store, including the company’s syncing service that matches pages in an ebook to time points in an audiobook.

The new Paperwhite also starts with twice the storage of the old model, available with 8GB costing £129 or 32GB costing £150. The latter is also available with 3G for £219. All models are available for pre-order today, with the cheapest 8GB model shipping on 7 November along with a collection of cases and accessories. The 32GB models will ship at a later date.

Kindle Paperwhite
De 2018 Paperwhite keeps the simple design from previous models, now with a screen that’s flush to the front of the device. Foto: Amazone © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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