Samsung Gear S2 преглед: седми пат среќа за smartwatch Кореја фирмата

Samsung Gear S2 review: seventh time lucky for Korean firm’s smartwatch
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  • Еден седмиот обид Samsung конечно го испукани. На менувачот S2 е најдобар паметен часовник на Корејската фирма има направено - и милји од. Тоа е исто така еден од најдобрите достапни, воведување на вистински подобри начини на интеракција со smartwatch.


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Samsung конечно го испукани smartwatch со своето седмо дизајн: тркалезна часовникот компатибилен со речиси сите Андроид паметни телефони и со ротирачки рамки, тоа не е само за шоу.

најголем производител на паметни телефони во светот има доста искуство што smartwatches. својот прв беше лансиран во 2013, но од тогаш фирмата Јужна Кореја има направено шест различни модели, иако никој од нив имаат сосема ја доби право.

На менувачот S2 е седми обид на Samsung и дека вреди напор.

Round and attractive

samsung gear s2 review
The always-on screen switches to a low-power display when not actively being used, similar to that used by Google’s Android Wear watches. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан

Unlike all the previous Samsung smartwatches, the Gear S2 is slim, round and attractive. It comes in two models “classic” and standard. I tested the standard Gear 2.

It looks like a modern round watch with a stainless steel body and moulded white or black plastic strap. A rotating bezel rings a crisp 1.2in AMOLED screen, which has the highest pixel density yet for a round smartwatch at 302 пиксели на инч. Its closest round competitor is the 286 ppi Huawei Watch, meaning the Samsung beats all but the square 42mm Apple Watch, which also has a 302ppi pixel count.

The screen is excellent: crisp, vivid with really dark blacks, which make dark watch faces particularly good looking. Similar to Android Wear it can switch to a basic white-on-black face when not active. It’s not as high resolution as the main face, but doesn’t suffer quite so much ugly pixelation as that used by the Moto 360.

samsung gear s2 review
The watch is 11.4mm thick, but looks slimmer when worn thanks to a curved body and tapered design. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан

The watch sits comfortably on the wrist. Its tapered body design mimics that of high-end mechanical watches and hides some of the watch’s 11.4mm thickness. It’s also waterproof to IP68 standards, which means showering with it on isn’t a problem.

The rubber strap is of high quality and didn’t make my wrist sweat as some Casios have in the past. It’s held in place by a proprietary push-button clip, which makes it easy to remove, but means you’ll be limited to straps offered by Samsung.

There are two in the box, one large and one smaller strap that reduces the depth of the watch on the wrist. The Gear S2 Classic has traditional watch lugs for standard straps.

The back of the watch has a heart rate monitor, like most other smartwatches, which can be manually triggered to record your beats per minute, or used as part of an exercise tracker. I found it accurate to within around one beat per minute.

samsung gear s2 review
The straps are easy to swap out, but you’re limited to what’s on offer from Samsung thanks to a proprietary clip system. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан


  • Процесор: Samsung Exynos 3250
  • RAM меморија: 512MB
  • Екран: 1.2in sAMOLED (302PPI) сафир
  • Складирање: 4МК
  • Поврзување: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, НФЦ, барометар, heart rate sensor
  • Димензии: 42.3 X 49.8 X 11.4
  • компатибилност: Андроид

Snappy for one day and a half

samsung gear s2 review
The small magnetic charging stand wirelessly charges the watch, with the option of displaying the watchface or charging progress. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан

The Gear S2 feels snappy and responsive in operation. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi, once a network has been configured. Unlike other Samsung Tizen smartwatches, the Gear S2 will work with any modern Android smartphone, using a couple of Gear managing apps.

There are a few functions that require a Samsung device, имено, Samsung плаќаат which allows users to pay for good and services with NFC on the watch. Samsung Pay has yet to launch in the UK, but is available in the US and South Korea.

The Bluetooth connection was strong when connected to a Nexus 6P, while Wi-Fi was easy to set up by tapping in the password with the surprisingly useable T9-style on-screen keyboard. Notifications were delivered instantaneously over Wi-Fi, which is not always the case for all smartwatches.

The Gear S2 lasted 36 hours on a charge with the screen on all the time. The watch comes with a wireless charging dock, which charges it in under two hours.

Tizen, not Android Wear

samsung gear s2 review
The selection of faces is good, and most can be customised. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан

The Gear S2’s software is simultaneously its greatest strength and its biggest weakness. Unlike other Android watches that run Google’s Android Wear, the S2 runs Samsung’s own Tizen operating system.

The custom software and rotating bezel makes the S2 one of the fastest and easiest to use smartwatches. Twist to the left for notifications, right for widgets for things like music control, heart rate, calendar, weather updates and fitness tracking. Swiping down from the top goes back one step, or pulls down a quick settings shade on the watch face.

A little three-dot menu tab appears on the right of anything that has further actions, while the smaller button on the side takes you to apps and the bigger button to the watch face. Covering the watch with your hand puts it to sleep. It all works smoothly and intuitively.

samsung gear s2 review
Turn the bezel to select the app. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан

Other apps are held in a circular list, but apps are the biggest issue. Because of the Tizen operating system there basically aren’t any beyond the included ones. You’ve got CNN, Bloomberg, Here maps and a collection of Samsung apps, including S Health and voice recorder.

The apps that are included work fine, but the lack of choice isn’t going to be fixed any time soon as Tizen’s relatively small user base means there isn’t as much of draw for developers to actually create them as there is for Android Wear и Apple’s watchOS.

There are odd quirks to the system. На пример, some watch faces are active and can be tapped to perform functions. Tapping the top of bottom of chronograph face sets off a stopwatch, but you can’t start a timer or set an alarm. The timer also doesn’t have a widget for some reason, where the alarm does.

Samsung’s S-Voice works well for setting timers and other quick activities, but I struggled trying to dictate a reply to a Hangout. The on-screen keyboard works for quick things, while the rotating bezel makes it easy to select a quick emoji to reply.

samsung gear s2 review
Samsung’s S-Voice system works well enough for setting timers and alarms, but isn’t quite as good as Google Now or Apple’s Siri. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан


The Samsung Gear S2 costs £249 in dark grey or silver. The Gear S2 Classic costs £299 in black. Both are available for pre-order, shipping on 12 ноември.

They are on the high-end of the price bracket for Android-compatible watches. На Pebble Time costs £180, на Moto 360 £229 and the Huawei Watch £289. На Apple Гледајте costs £299.


Еден седмиот обид Samsung конечно го испукани. На менувачот S2 е најдобар паметен часовник на Корејската фирма има направено - и милји од. Тоа е исто така еден од најдобрите достапни, воведување на вистински подобри начини на интеракција со smartwatch.

It is held back by Tizen’s lack of app support by developers, which is unlikely to change, but its support of more than just Samsung Android smartphones is a step in the right direction.

What it does it does well, it’s just not quite as versatile as some other smartwatches.

Позитивни: смиреноста, excellent rotating bezel interface, wide Android compatibility, водоотпорен, голем екран, НФЦ

Конс: limited app support, proprietary straps, S-Voice inferior to Google Now, no cross-platform support

samsung gear s2 review
Music controls can accessed quickly by double pressing the small button, as can any other app by changing the setting. Фотографија: Самуел Гибс за Гардијан

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