Microsoft wants to buy your iPad

Microsoft wants to buy your iPad

TABLET UPSTART Microsoft wants to take your old iPad off of your hands in exchange for a $200 gift card.
Of course this isn’t because Microsoft has suddenly become a fan of the Apple tablet.

Instead, the firm is taking yet another swipe at its competitor, as it wants punters to put the £200 gift card towards a shiny new Microsoft Surface RT or Surface Pro tablet through an in-store trade-in.
According to Microsoft’s new iPad trade-in website, the firmwill offer a “minimum” of a £200 gift card for a “gently used” iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 4 tablet.

We’re not sure what “gently used” means, but as long as you haven’t scuffed up your iPad by using it as a makeshift tennis racket or dinner tray, we suspect that you will be eligible for the tablet swap.
In the small print Microsoft said that the offer will only run until 27 October, hinting that this is when its new Surface RT 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets will be released, and has to be done in a Microsoft store.

It also said that you’ll need to hand over your iPad charger lead too, and must make sure that your device is not password protected when you turn it in.

However, the small print also reveals that the trade-in program is only available in the US and Canada, and given the lack of Microsoft stores here in Blighty, it’s unlikely to come to the UK.

Still, US punters who decide to trade in their iPad for $200 will be able to pick up a Surface RT, which starts at $349, for as $149, or a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet from $599.
At those prices, we think we’d rather keep our iPad.

Source: The Inquirer


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