Geriausi Android žaidimai 2015

The best Android games of 2015

Iš tuščios puikybės bei džiovintų slyvų Lara Croft Eik, Alphabear ir Minecraft: istorija būdas, the 25 geriausi žaidimai Android metų

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Vieną kartą, "Android" dažnai grojo antruoju smuiku "iOS", kai ji atėjo į naujausias ir geriausias žaidimų. Štai seniai praėjo, nors: 2014 buvo išskirtiniai metai "Android" žaidimų, bet 2015 buvo tokia pat gera.

Nuo platformówek ir puzzle žaidimai šaudyti 'em up ir net hardcore MOBA (multiplayer online mūšio arenoje) pavadinimai, Android savininkai turėjo daug pasirinkti iš. Štai mūsų Roundup iš 25 geriausi pavadinimai, daugiau būti rekomenduojama pastabų skiltyje.

Jei "iOS jūsų mobiliųjų žaidimų platforma pasirinkimo, ten atskira 2015 Roundup už tai, kurį rasite čia.

Taip, Ką mes praleido? Komentarų skyrelyje yra atvira jūsų komentarų apie aukščiau žaidimai ir jūsų rekomendacijas kitiems pavadinimų - tie išleidžiami pirmą kartą 2015, jei jūs neprieštaraujate,.

25. Pulti Light - Steven Visata RPG

Remiantis Cartoon Network šou Stevenas Visatos, tai stovi ant savo nuopelnus, kaip gerai paruošta RPG - nors gerbėjai šou galės mėgautis pasakojimą iš savo mesti. Yra daug tyrinėti be kada nors jausmas didžioji, o mūšio mechanika yra tiesiog tinka touchscreen.

24. mos Speedrun 2

Kita platforma žaidimas, kas buvo stiprus metais šio žanro mobiliuosiuose. Tai pikselių puikus žaidimas skirtas žaisti taip pat greitai, arba kaip atidžiai, kaip jums patinka, su daugybe paslapčių ištirti jei pasirinksite pastarasis. Slick valdikliai, gerai įgyvendinti kontrolę ir keletas labai kvailų kostiumai įdėti šypsena ant veido.

23. PewDiePie: Legenda apie Brofist

Žaidimas paremtas vienu iš populiariausių pasaulyje "YouTube" gali atrodyti kaip dėl grynųjų pinigų receptas, bet tai buvo nieko, bet. Legenda apie Brofist yra gerai paruošta platformingo su daugybe žinoti nuorodas į žaidimų istoriją. Ji taip pat leidžia jums pasikliauti savo įgūdžius, o ne jūsų piniginėje (in-app pirkimai) progresuoti.

22. TRACE: Žmogžudystė Mystery žaidimą

Jei jums patinka tam whodunnit Kriminālromāns, TRACE yra arčiausiai dalykas jai mobiliųjų žaidimų forma. Jūs turite žaisti detektyvą, ieškoti clues, analizuojant įrodymus ir klajojo po nužudymo scenos perėjimas (neprivalomas). Kas daro šį taip smagu, kad siužeto yra susilygino su aukštos kokybės televizija nusikaltimų dramų.

21. Žvaigždžių karai: "Galaxy of Heroes

Kiekvieną mėnesį 2015 seemed to bring a new Star Wars mobile game, all of them good. This is the one that fans will relish most: a well-designed action game with an emphasis on collecting characters from the various eras of Star Wars, and then forming them into teams to battle out in the universe.

Žvaigždžių karai: "Galaxy of Heroes
Žvaigždžių karai: "Galaxy of Heroes

20. Dark Echo

We’ve seen audio-only games like Papa Sangre on smartphones before, but this is different, using “visualised sound” to show its environments based on the sounds you make. Except those sounds also attract… gerai, we won’t spoil it. But this isn’t a game you’ll want to play alone late at night – it’ll have you jumping out of your sofa.

19. voras: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

The sequel to 2009’s (still worth checking out) voras: The Secret of Bryce Manor, this is more eight-legged puzzle-solving, as you explore an abandoned mansion trapping insects and uncovering a supernatural story. Part of a trend (along with games like Prune and Beneath the Lighthouse) for less frenetic brain-stretching.

18. Beneath the Lighthouse

It’s a very different game, but if you loved Monument Valley in 2014, then Beneath The Lighthouse might be your next fix. It’s a puzzle game set below a lighthouse, where you have to turn mechanical wheels to find your young hero’s way to his lost grandfather. It’s bright and colourful, and tests your lateral thinking skills.

17. Stick Cricket 2

As much a rhythm-action game as a sports sim, Stick Cricket 2 has you hoicking fours and sixes against a range of opponents, with perfectly stripped-down controls and silky-smooth animation. The best cricket game on Android, but its mechanics should make it appeal to more casual fans as well as cricketing buffs.

16. Fallout Shelter

Iki pabaigos 2015, Fallout fans were playing Fallout 4 on their consoles. But until its release, mobile game Fallout Shelter was their fill-in fix – but also a top-notch game in its own right. The game sees you running a post-apocalyptic shelter underground, like a radiation-dodging The Sims.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter

15. Seabeard

Also known as Android’s Animal Crossing, albeit with more pirates. This had you sailing the high seas on a series of quests to help rebuild your hometown, while building a crew, fishing and helping out an array of characters. Like its inspiration, it’s ideally suited to short bursts of daily play.

14. This War of Mine

Another game that will give your emotions a good going-over, this is a war game played from the perspective of civilians in a city under siege. You’ll split your time between building your hideout and foraging in the dangerous city streets, with some very hard decisions to be made about the people under your protection.

13. Framed

Another game that experimented with new controls this year: in this case, arranging panels of an animated comic book to alter what was happening within. tai, accompanied by neat visuals and a toe-tapping jazz soundtrack. A world away from same-old match-three puzzles, Framed found a new way to test our wits.

12. skullduggery!

Easily the best Android game this year that involved pinging a skull around platform levels by snapping back then letting go of its stretchy brain. Not a crowded genre, admittedly. But Skullduggery! is an inventive action-puzzler, complete with Matrix-esque slowdown as you navigate your way into (and out of) tight corners.

11. Shooty Skies

Otherwise known as one of the things the Crossy Road developers did next: besides reinventing Pac-Man, they made this rapidfire shoot ‘em up. It uses similar dynamics to Crossy Road: you’ll die regularly, but will unlock new characters as you progress. Plenty of charm, and refreshingly unaggressive with its in-app purchases.

Shooty Skies
Shooty Skies

10. Minecraft: istorija būdas

Minecraft maker Mojang’s decision to team up with developer Telltale Games for a narrative adventure could have been a mistake, but instead it was a triumphant success. A game set in another game’s world may sound a bit meta, but the characters, voice acting and fan-focused references made this a treat.

9. Rayman Adventures

Vintage console franchise Rayman has become one of the most trustworthy mobile gaming brands too, with a series of marvellous touchscreen titles. Rayman Adventures didn’t break the streak even with its freemium structure: colourfully-cartoonish platform action with controls that never frustrate.

8. Frozen Synapse Prime

There are very few more satisfying strategy games than Frozen Synapse Prime on Android: set in the future, it’s a deep, rich turn-based game that gets you shooting and creeping your way through 40 missions, testing out different modes along the way. The more you play, the more refined your tactics will become.

7. Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

The Five Nights at Freddy’s series has built a devoted fanbase, and this final game didn’t disappoint them. Dar kartą, you’re doing battle with genuinely-creepy animatronic enemies, except this time round the action has shifted to your own home. The best game yet in mobile’s premier survival-horror series.

6. Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game

Nearly four years after its launch, Triple Town remains one of the best mobile puzzlers. Į 2015, its developer made an equally-addictive word game, Alphabear, which sees you spelling words from Scrabble-like tiles to earn points – and build cartoon bears. The perfect dip-in dip-out mobile game.


5. Lara Croft Go

It might star a famous game face, but this was no lacklustre spin-off. Lara Croft Go – like Hitman Go before it – is a familiar brand applied to a rock-solid puzzle-adventure engine. Lara Croft Go puts the focus squarely on your mental ingenuity, with six chapters of perfectly-formed visuals to explore.

4. Evoland

A wonderful idea for anyone who’s ever loved the roleplaying game (RPG) genre. Evoland starts as a top-down, monochrome adventure but gradually works its way through the genre’s history, ending up with whizzy real-time 3D battling. A gimmick? Thankfully it was backed up by an absorbing game.

3. Football Manager Touch 2016

There have been excellent mobile versions of Football Manager for several years now, bet 2015 saw the gap between tablets and the desktop versions of the management sim narrow even further. Not least because of the cloud-save option to play your saved game on either.

2. pagyrūniškumas

A welcome port from iOS, this mobile MOBA game plunges you into team-based battles with other players, with matches lasting around 20 minutes at a time online. It’s an intimidating genre for newcomers, but Vainglory does a good job at making it accessible to start playing.

1. Prune

Is this a game, or a gardening-themed meditation app? Bet kuriuo atveju, it was one of the best things to play on Android this year. Described by its developer as “a love letter to trees”, it sees you nurturing yours with gentle touchscreen swipes. The game looks and sounds beautiful: the antidote to your mobile-inbox stress.


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