LG announces its first WiDi enabled screen

LG announces its first WiDi enabled screen

JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON of wireless means to bounce media content from one device to another, LG Display has announced the world’s first Intel wireless display (WiDi) enabled screen.

WiDi technology bungs a chipset directly into the LCD panel, allowing users to stream content from other devices direct to a screen without any other devices or rendering software.

At Korean screen maker LG Display the first WiDi product is a 23.8in LCD panel. As a proof of concept it shows that such a device is not only possible but is likely to become more common in the future.

A 23.8in screen makes one wonder, though, who needs it? It’s too large to be portable, but too small to be visible on the other side of a conference room, lecture theatre or the briefing room of Blofeld’s lair, so we’re not sure who is going to be bouncing their videos of piano-playing kittens onto a screen this size. However the future applications, particularly for presentations, are clear.

Sang-Yeol Kim, VP of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Product Planning Division said, “LG Display’s latest development brings us closer to the N-Screen era.

“Through our close collaboration with Intel Corporation, we look forward to pioneering the age of wireless devices with our global partners.”

Pioneering it will be particularly impressive, given that we are now entering the second decade of wireless devices, but let’s not split hairs – WiDi is still a cool technology. µ

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