Huawei P9 plus review

Huawei P9 Plus Review
altiore score4.5
  • P9 autem Minus optimum est Huawei Mauris quis habet ad Date ... si me non arbitror nexus 6P. It takes amoeni formula P9, et iustus aliquantulus frenum ad hoc subdit,.

Chinese super-amplitudo navis firma est scriptor, cum camera amet, optimum selfies, RAPIDUS effectus et pugna vita solida – est turpe est de MASCULINUS amet

Powered by titulus “Huawei P9 Plus review: genus alto sub-par phablet retinentibus Software” erat scriptum a Samuel Gibbs, quia on June 7th 2016 06.00 UTC

Melius est a Seres version of Plus P9 Huawei Mauris quis felis scriptor fabrica primo optimum sacrificium. Initum est "quoquo modo plus" - et non decipit.

Sicut cum "plus" alius versions of fabrica Suspendisse, speciem P9 autem Minus P9 inflantur 5% in photocopier. Sed minor est carum fratrem, bene felis et, P9 autem Minus est aeque, quamvis magnificatio.

Nice quod tangit corpus Metal

Huawei P9 plus review
P9 autem Minus habet nice tactus modicum circa potestatem puga pyga ut flaring rufus color et a parva in purpuram corpus Metal. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

Habet maiorem screen 5.5in, est leviter maior, latius et gravius,. Et venit unus color, – Vicus Gray – an blandiores gunmetal cinereo color in an accentus red virtus circa ipsum.

Et reversus est levius quam P9 et in lateribus leviter rotundatis, in manu est vere delicatus sentit,. Videt et sentit, et paulo a summo usque felis Premium.

Ad Samsung scriptor galaxia 5.5in S7 Edge, Plus est statura 1.4mm in P9, 2.75g mm latius et gravius,, sed tenuior 0.7mm, dum 6S Apple iPad Minus 5.9mm maior est, 2.6mm latius, 0.3et graviorem crassior mm 30g, quod est in manu conspicitur, faciendo illud difficilius tractabilitatem.

In screen est a plena HD 5.5in AMOLED, qui bonus est,, et profunda LAETUS vacua occaecat. 401ppi At non satis est ut pin-acuta quasi Samsung et aemuli de Google, possidet in Huawei scriptor nexus 6P, sed est magna viewing angulos, et maxime placeat,.

Huawei P9 plus review
Suspendisse umbrae similitudinem, quam iOS et Android Google. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem


  • Screen: 5.5in plena HD AMOLED (401ppi)
  • Processus: Octa-core Huawei Kirin 955
  • PRAECLUSIO: 64GB + card microSD
  • Operating ratio: Android 6.0 cum passione UI 4.1
  • Camera: 12Dual tergo camera MP,, 8Adversus camera MP fronte-
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wi-fiac, NFC, ET, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C, et GPS
  • Dimensiones: 152.3 x 75.3 X 6.98mm
  • Weight: 162g

Cum pugna vita solida Snappy

Huawei P9 plus review
Huawei scriptor et occasus monitores salutaris potentia altilium, et tandem non auxilium recognoscendas res Apps. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

P9 autem Minus communis est processus in P9, Huawei scriptor core Kirin Octa, 955 chip, sed addit 1GB de RAM an susicivus repono in duplum est, et adducit illud ad 4GB aedificavit in 64GB, dum adhuc habens foramen card pro additis microSD.

Plus erat in P9 RAPIDUS, Lorem per omnia, et cucurrit ad frigus quam miserunt minores fratrem suum. Pugna erat, et vita boni,, sempiterno 38 Huawei EXPLORATIO dolor in potestatem consilium per horas inter crimina,, cum centum notificationes, 10 hora of music audire, quinque horis et pasco app consuetudinem et impar de consequat, et loco ludum. Plurimus populus amo impetro inter biduum criminibus. Other, incremento modis potentia salvandi sint, tam app monitors usu, quae iuvat herba, de virtutis esurientem Apps.

Dissimilis P9, Plus est etiam ieiunium P9 prćcipiens in linea cum aliis summum-finem Suspendisse, earum usque ut non pertinet ad horas requiritur potentia copia.

affectus UI 4.1

Huawei P9 plus review
EMUI addit deformis terminos ad a significant amount of apps, et facit mutationes in vultus quod sentio of Android. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

Plus est P9 in Huawei scriptor mutatio Android 6.0 IBISCUM operating ratio dicitur Affectus UI (EMUI 4.1). Suus 'prorsus simile quod Apple iOS et P9, etiam vim in Lorem velit ut sit in omnibus apps homescreen, non in formam tucked Android app perscriptorem.

Quidam similis aspectu, alii non. Non est arctius imperium Apps, quod est bonum,, et repleta est ut pereat luxoriosa suis, ut amet alius versions of Android, sed non ut bonus ut vexillum experientia Android.

Fingerprint Scanner

Huawei P9 plus review
A tergo Fingerprint escáner ieiunas et verissimum est in foro. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

A tergo Fingerprint escáner velocissimus, et magnitudo ponitur interdum accurate. Not once in my testing did it fail to recognise my finger. You can’t unlock the phone using the fingerprint scanner without picking the phone up, tamen.

Pressure sensitive screen

Huawei P9 plus review
Press your finger harder on a photo in the gallery app pops up a magnifying loupe. The harder you push the greater the level of magnification. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

The P9 Plus is one of the first Android devices to have a pressure sensitive screen, which Huawei calls Press touch.

Its implementation basically mirrors Apple’s approach on the iPhone 6S Plus. Pressing hard on a Huawei app icon pops up some quick actions and shortcuts. Pressing harder still takes you immediately to one action of your choice, such as straight to the selfie mode within the camera app.

Users can also choose to hide the navigation home, back and recently used apps buttons at the bottom of the screen and to activate them with increased pressure, or set the top left or right corners as shortcuts to launch apps.

In the gallery app, pressing hard on a photo brings up a magnifying loupe with zoom directly proportional to how hard you press. It’s very responsive, and a decent little tool for inspecting detail, but most people don’t look that hard at their photos.

Press touch faces the same problems as Apple’s 3D Touchit’s difficult to know what supports it, third-party app support is highly unlikely and I’m not sure whether anyone will end up using it. It actively gets in the way of moving icons around on the homescreen, but can be deactivated.

Android might add native support for pressure sensitive screens in the future, but I remain unconvinced by any implementation thus far.

Dual camera

Huawei P9 plus review
The dual camera setup on the back: one black and white camera, one colour. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

The rear dual camera “co-engineered with Leica” is the same camera system as fitted to the P9, and as such produces good looking images and is quite a lot of fun to use.

The monochrome camera is particularly sharp, and makes the right sort of subjects really sparkle.

The front-facing selfie camera has a faster lens, which lets in more light with an f-stop of 1.9, compared to the P9’s f2.4. The difference is noticeable. Selfies look sharper, brighter and more detailed. In the relatively poor lighting it produced some of the best, most detailed selfies I’ve seen. There are various beauty modes too, but they all just end up losing detail.

Huawei P9 plus review
The Huawei camera app is pretty good, but the lack of automatic HDR mode is irritating. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem


  • The back is a lot smoother and polished than the P9, but isn’t as slippery as some other metal smartphones
  • Double press the volume button when locked to quickly take a photo in less than one second
  • Huawei’s app-control tools are excellent for monitoring power drain etc
  • A few third-party apps come pre-installed, but can be removed
  • There’s a third-party theme that removes the ugly bubbles around app icons on the homescreen I’d still install a third-party launcher such as Nova or Google Now Launcher
  • There’s an IR blaster in the top to control your TV


The Huawei P9 Plus is exclusive to Vodafone in the UK at the moment, starting at £500 on a pre-paid tariff. Prices from third-party retailers vary.

In comparison, autem smaller P9 costs £449, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge costs £639, autem Google Nexus 6P costs £449 and the 6S Apple iPad Minus costs £619.


P9 autem Minus optimum est Huawei Mauris quis habet ad Date ... si me non arbitror nexus 6P. It takes amoeni formula P9, et iustus aliquantulus frenum ad hoc subdit,.

The selfie camera is great, the rear dual camera is fun and the look and feel of the phone is top notch. The screen isn’t as crisp as rivals, but is still good looking, while the fingerprint scanner on the back is arguably the best in the business.

It’s just Huawei’s EMUI that holds the phone backit isn’t as attractive or usable as most other Android versions. Some will like it, I do not.

Pros: Good-looking, feels great, excellent selfie camera, great dual rear camera, brilliant fingerprint scanner, decent battery life, USB-C, IR blaster, microSD card support

Cons: EMUI isn’t quite up to scratch, screen not good for VR (low resolution), Press touch a bit of a gimmick, exclusive to Vodafone in the UK, altilium non amovibilibus

Huawei P9 plus review
USB-C with fast charging. Photograph: Samuel Gibbs tutorem

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