Pomum Mac OS X 10.9.3 ut pluma, Retina’ ostendimus enim modo 4K

Apple Mac OS X 10.9.3 to feature ‘Retina’ mode for 4K displays

Apple OS X Mountain Lion

Apple Mac OS X Maverici coepit software developer seminis ejus, 10.9.3 in beta tincidunt, which reportedly will be an interesting release for those who own a 4K display.

Although not disclosed in Apple’s release notes, 9to5Mac has discovered that Mac OS X 10.9.3 delivers support for those who have their Macbook hooked up to a 4K display.

Macbook owners running Mac OS X 10.9.3 will be able to set their 4K displays to run the operating system at a pixel-doubled ‘Retinaresolution, resulting in much sharper content on the bigger screen. Before this update, content from the Macbook will have showed up only at a larger scale with window elements spread out.

Quid 'magis, the software updatewhich likely won’t be released for a few weeks yetallows the Retina Display Macbook Pro to support 4K displays with a refresh rate of 60Hz, which likely will make the display look much smoother compared to output at refresh rates of 24Hz or 30Hz.

9to5Mac gave the new feauture a spin, concluding, “Our tests connected a late-2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display to a 4K Seiki monitor over HDMI. Running OS X pixel-doubled on a 4K display means content is much sharper than before. It is the same as running a Retina MacBook Pro at standard Retina resolution or as using a Retina iPhone or iPad.

This news also seems to suggest that Apple will release a 4K resolution display at some point this year, although the company has yet to announce that it will. According to rumours, tamen, the firm is developinghigh resolution standalone displays”.

Source: theinquirer.net

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