AppleのiPhone XSレビュー

Apple iPhone XS Review
  • The iPhone X set a new bar for what an iPhone could be. It was a massive step forward for Apple and put it ahead of many competitors in smartphone design and function.

iPhone XSはiPhone Xのような金型が壊れていません, そして、それは弱いバッテリ寿命を持っています, but its camera, design and performance are class-leadingによって供給というタイトルのこの記事 “AppleのiPhone XSレビュー: 前方の2つの段階, 1つのステップバック” サミュエルギブスによって書かれました, for on Thursday 4th October 2018 05.00 UTC

The iPhone XS isn’t the only all-screen iPhone on the block this year, but with its balance of large screen and small body, is it still the iPhone to buy?

To say that the iPhone XS looks exactly the same as the iPhone X is somewhat of an understatement. Apart from a pair of new antenna lines and asymmetric holes in the bottom, the phone is an identical metal and glass sandwich. Unless you buy the new gold colour.

Fortunately that’s not a bad thing this generation, as it maintains everything that made last year’s iPhone X so good. That includes the large screen squeezed into a small body, the luxurious feel and top-notch new design that ditched the home button.

The 5.8in OLED screen is one of the best ever fitted to a smartphone and makes watching movies and TV shows on the commute a joy. The speakers are now louder, but there’s still no headphone jack nor a lightning to 3.5mm adapter in the box this time round.

Weighing 177g, the iPhone XS is 3g heavier than the phone it replaces, 3g lighter than the Huawei社のP20プロ but 14g heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s also thinner than most at 7.7mm thick. All of which is to say it’s easy to pocket and handle, with either one or two hands.


  • スクリーン: 5.8スーパー網膜HDで (OLED) (458PPI)
  • プロセッサ: アップルA12バイオニック
  • RAM: 4GBのRAM
  • ストレージ: 64, 256 または512ギガバイト
  • オペレーティング·システム: iOSの 12
  • カメラ: OISとのデュアル12MPリアカメラ, 7のMP前面カメラ
  • 接続性: LTE, Wi-FIAC, NFC, ブルートゥース 5, 雷とGPS
  • 大きさ: 143.6 X 70.9 X 7.7 ミリ
  • 重量: 177グラム


iphone xs review
左側のiPhone XS, 右側のiPhone XSマックス, both with black glass backs. 写真: ガーディアンのためのサミュエルギブス

The iPhone XS has the same internals as its bigger sibling, the XS Max, and unsurprisingly performs exactly the same. With the six-core A12 Bionic the phone is responsive, smooth and likely has more raw power than most will need, until some magical new app comes along to take advantage of it.

Game performance is also excellent, while the improved AI processor speeds up AR experiences and other machine-learning systems.

残念ながら, のような iPhone XSマックス, the iPhone XS marks a step backwards in terms of battery life for Apple. Where the iPhone X lasted 30 電荷間の時間, the iPhone XS only just scrapes 24 営業時間.

That means if I take it off the charger at 7am on day one, it’ll only just make it to my alarm at 7am the next day without being plugged in, meaning you will definitely need to fully charge it at least once a day. On heavy days it would be on its knees as I made it to bed.

電子メールの何百もの送受信私のプライマリデバイスとしてそれを使用しながら、それはでした, メッセージやプッシュ通知, ブルートゥースヘッドフォンで音楽の5時間に耳を傾け, ネットフリックスの時間を見て, 約撮影 10 写真の日.

A full-day’s battery is the bare minimum that’s acceptable in 2018, and competitors can last closer to double that.

While there are many factors that affect battery life, it’s worth noting that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were affected to a greater extent by cellular network congestion, such as that experienced on commuter trains and in packed stations, than competitors.

Both phones bounced around between Edge, 3G and 4G more often than the iPhone X, Googleのピクセル 2 XLOnePlus 6, and even with full 4G signal the iPhones struggled to pull down data and got hotter where the competitors still managed to load sites and emails, albeit slowly.

iOSの 12

iphone xs review
There’s a permanent notification on the lock screen when do not disturb is active, which I found essential as a reminder to switch of DND mode in the mornings. 写真: ガーディアンのためのサミュエルギブス

The iPhone XS runs iOS 12 out of the box, which is a refinement of last year’s iOS 11 rather than a massive shakeup. It still has the same problems of status icons being lost because of the notch in the screen, but it has made big improvements with グループ化された通知の取り扱い and now has 統合幸福ツール ので、あなたのスマートフォンの利用状況に目を保つことができます.

Apple has also added a prominent banner on the lock screen when you have Do Not Disturb active, which makes it much harder to forget to deactivate it when you wake up.


iphone xs review
Hidden in the screen notch is the Face ID system, that scans your face to unlock your phone and authenticate payments. 写真: ガーディアンのためのサミュエルギブス

Face ID returns as Apple’s only biometric option on the iPhone XS. It works just as well as it did last year, identifying me without fault, unveiling my notifications and unlocking the phone.

It can have problems with certain sunglasses, and it would also be nice to have the option of using my fingerprint to unlock or pay for things.


iphone xs review
The camera app is simple to use, but lacks a few features such as a phi grid. 写真: ガーディアンのためのサミュエルギブス

The iPhone XS has the same camera system as fitted to the XS Max – two 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one with a wide-angle lens and the other a 2x telephoto lens.

New for this year is better detail capture, particularly when images are viewed at full resolution, and better low light performance. But it is Apple’s improved “Smart HDR” function that is most noticeable, making images with extremes of contrast such as those shot into the sun much more usable.

The portrait mode has also been improved, now with the ability to adjust the level of background blur after capture, これは楽しいです.

自分撮りカメラが良いです, but not quite the best on the market for preserving skin detail. Some have complained that it smooths skin and makes them look orange, but that’s not something I could see in photos.


iphone xs review
The dual camera lump on the back is the same as the iPhone XS Max and last year’s iPhone X. 写真: ガーディアンのためのサミュエルギブス
  • 背面のカメラしこり突き出る, making it wobble around when being used on a desk
  • You can swipe across the gesture bar to jump to the previously used app
  • あなたは急速充電の携帯電話にライトニングケーブルにUSB-Cを必要とします, しかし、それにも互換充電器でもないがボックスに含まれています
  • The iPhone XS is water resistant to IP68 standards, which is a higher rating than last year’s iPhones
  • ワイヤレス充電は素晴らしいです, 充電しながらしかし、iPhoneは非常に多くのことを熱く, より多くのように競合他社の携帯電話よりも
  • This iPhone XS, bought from Apple’s online store, charges just fine with the screen on or off


The iPhone XS comes in your choice of black, 銀または金, 原価計算 £999 ストレージ64GBのための, £1,149 256ギガバイトのためか £1,349 512ギガバイトのために.

比較のために, ザ· iPhone XSマックス 始まります £1,099, ザ· Huawei社のP20プロ コスト £669, サムスンギャラクシーS9コスト £639OnePlus 6 コスト £469.

The 6.1in iPhone XR will be released in October costing £749 for £64GB of storage.


ザ· iPhone X set a new bar for what an iPhone could be. It was a massive step forward for Apple and put it ahead of many competitors in smartphone design and function.

The iPhone XS maintains the forward-looking design and function, feeling wonderful in the hand, has a noticeably better camera and is still arguably the best phone on the market right now at balancing screen size with usability.

But it’s certainly not perfect, with weaker battery life than last year and a still eye-watering price. With the cheaper 6.1in iPhone XR around the corner, it might be worth waiting to see what it’s like before shelling out £999, but the iPhone XS is still great.

プロたち: brilliant screen, small body, プレミアムフィール, top-notch camera, 耐水性, ワイヤレス充電, フェイスID

コンズ: 何のヘッドフォンソケットません, 何の指紋スキャナません, ドロップされた場合にはガラスが壊れます, 非常に高価, ボックスで[いいえ急速充電器やUSB-Cケーブル, ボックスにはヘッドフォンアダプタません

iphone xs review
見て, new antenna lines and asymmetric speaker grilles. 写真: ガーディアンのためのサミュエルギブス

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