Il 25 migliori giochi di 2015: 10-6

The 25 best games of 2015: 10-6


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Alla fine, ci stiamo muovendo nella top dieci videogiochi dell'anno, come scelto dal nostro team di scrittori di gioco esperti e supponente. A giudicare dai commenti sotto voci precedenti, ci sarà qualche polemica qui, con molto favorita di Calcio picchiaduro Rocket Lega non all'altezza di un top five immissione previsto.

L'aspetto del destino - in modo efficace ripensato e riprogettato per il suo rilascio il re Taken - potrebbe rivelarsi controversa troppo. Ma, come abbiamo sottolineato, la scelta è soggettiva e non fa alcun tentativo di prendere in considerazione più ampia opinione critica. Si può solo andare su Metacritic per questo.

Cominciamo con un altro gioco di Wii U…

10. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Tetsuya Takahashi’s latest is a grand, ambitious and, at times, willfully arcane open-world masterpiece. It begins with a crash-landing on the Jurassic world of Mira. There you join the ranks of the other remaining humans to begin rebuilding civilization, an expansion that the local flora and fauna powerfully resist. Its systems are varied, knotted and, at times, seemingly unrelated. Ancora, in the mystery, wonder lies. Unlike the increasingly homogenous glut of western open world games, X is singular and memorable in both style and structure.

9. Destino: Taken King (PS4/Xbox One)

Destino: Taken King
Destino: Taken King

A mystifying waste of time to some, a lifestyle to others, Destiny has kept its hold on the gaming consciousness this year through sheer force of will. The Taken King update added a new plotline and social base, as well as new strikes and a massively improved levelling system. Some said this is what Destiny should always have been. Whatever the case, it became a ridiculously compelling endeavour to its fans, perfectly combining those Halo-style bursts of shooter action with the slower arc of a loot gathering adventure. It’s still a troubled and difficult relationship but, to many gamers, it is love.

8. Rocket League (PC / Mac / PS4)

Rocket League
Rocket League Fotografia: Psyonix

Two teams of rocket-propelled cars, an enclosed stadium and one giant football are the elements that make Rocket League 2015’s ultimate “one more go” game. The secret sauce is the perfectly-tuned driving controls, capable of everything from bicycle kicks to rocket-propelled flight, which keep on revealing new depths as you master the old ones. The speed of the players combines beautifully with the low-gravity ball and curved stadia, and the five-minute match length is a flawless touch – there’s always time for another.

7. Her Story (PC/Mac/iOS)

Her Story
Her Story

Everyone fancies themselves as a detective, and Her Story taps into this to weave a multi-threaded story out of restrained mechanics. You find yourself at a police terminal, with access to timestamped video clips and a searchable index. The game is to find and watch these clips, all from several police interviews with the same woman, and work out what’s going on. The atmosphere is fuggy, the acting is wonderful, and following-up the right leads feels so good it’s like you’re a natural.

6. Splatoon (Wii U)


Why play a normal shooter, when you can play a shooter where you fire ink and turn into a squid? Comprised of an addictive and ridiculously entertaining online mode, and a single player campaign with unique mechanics, Splatoon is one of 2015’s most interesting offerings. It is essentially the gaming equivalent of a 1990s Saturday morning kid’s TV show; colourful, noisy, fun – and with a lot of people getting gunked. È importante sottolineare che, with an emphasis on territorial gain rather than shooting people in the face, Nintendo showed us that there’s more to team-based online shooters than blood and shotguns.

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