Windows XP օգտվողները կաշառում հետ $100 off Windows 8 սարքեր

Windows XP users bribed with $100 off Windows 8 devices

IN ITS LATEST DESPERATE MEASURE to try and convince XP users to upgrade to newer machines, Microsoft is offering հաճախորդները $100 off certain Windows 8 devices if they present their XP computer in store.

The deal runs until 15 Հունիսի, and is available in retailers across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. “Offer applies to customers who make online purchase(ի) with a qualifying Windows XP device, or customer who present a qualifying Windows XP device during purchase(ի) in-store only,” the Redmond firm explains.

Although Microsoft mentions online availability, it’s unclear how you can prove you have a Windows XP machine over the web without taking it into a store.

The $100 discount is only available against new devices costing at least $599, and includes Surface tablets minus the Surface 2. Microsoft highlighted the HP Envy Touchsmart 15 touchscreen laptop and the Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga touchscreen laptop/tablet hybrid as two of the devices eligible for the deal.

Microsoft is obviously confident in the power of this deal to persuade XP die-hards where all others have failed, as it’s advised that customers are limited to one device each.

Microsoft will be ending all support for its 12-year-old operating system from 8 ապրիլ. The firm has already warned of how insecure XP is compared to newer Windows platforms, and partners like HP have undertaken ad campaigns to try and encourage businesses to upgrade.

Despite these efforts, XP is still widely used across organisations and individuals, and will clearly remain in use post 8 ապրիլ. մ

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