Élelmiszer és ital ötletek Vállalati események

Food and Drink Ideas for Corporate Events

Amikor szervez céges rendezvény szeretne mindent futtatni olyan gördülékenyen, mint lehetséges. Az egyik legfontosabb tényező, akkor előnyben van az étel és az ital egy ilyen esemény. A minőség és a mennyiség étel és ital az Ön által megadott sokat elárul a szervezők az ilyen típusú esemény. Sok résztvevő előtt az ilyen típusú események panaszkodnak elhagyása esetén éhes ami annak a jele, hogy nem gondoskodott a vendégek megfelelő. Ezek néhány étel és ital ötletek céges rendezvények.

ebéd Események

Ha van egy ebéd esemény, különböző résztvevői különböző követelményeknek. Viszont, kezdeni vendégeinek néhány mini-snack együtt italok, mint például kávé és tea. Egy alaposabb étkezés el kell juttatni a nap folyamán később. This should be followed by dessert and finally tea or coffee once again.

Cocktail or Drinks Party

This type of corporate event is less formal than other types of get-togethers. Viszont, you should still provide plenty of food and drink to make a great impression. A themed night with related food and drinks may be more entertaining than simply providing free drinks.

Attendees are giving up their free time to attend this type of event. They expect to have access to a free bar. This bar should include all of the drinks these people prefer to drink. Some will want non-alcoholic drinks, some will stick to regular drinks, while others will want something more extravagant such as cocktails.

Attendees probably won’t expect a full dinner at this type of event. Viszont, you should provide plenty of snacks to suit all attendee’s requirements. Emlékezik, some people have allergies or don’t eat certain foods. This should be taken into account and alternative eating options should be made available to those who attend your event.


Conferences take up more time than other types of corporate events. This means attendees require more food and drink throughout the day.

These events normally start early in the morning. In many cases, attendees travel long distances and stay overnight in a corporate event center like the one found at www.chateaupolonez.com. If this is the case and your attendees are staying in a corporate event center in Houston, you should make sure they start the day with a comprehensive breakfast. Beverages and snacks should be provided throughout the day.

At lunchtime, a more comprehensive meal is required. This should normally include at least three courses. As the day progresses, short breaks should be taken so that attendees can have a beverage and some snacks. It’s probably wise not to introduce any alcohol into the proceedings until the business side of things has been completed.

Once the conference finishes, offering some free drinks may be an effective way to bond more with attendees. This may be more appropriate if the event takes place over a number of days.

Not all corporate events are the same. This means you have to provide a suitable amount of high-quality food and drink for your attendees. This ranges from full day events to shorter events where less food and drink is required. The ideas above will help you make a better decision about what food and drink to provide at your next corporate event.

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