Koji je vaš toaletni papir govori o vama

What your toilet paper says about you

Do you roll over or under? Next time you visit the smallest room in the house have a look at the loo roll

Pokreće Guardian.co.ukOvaj članak pod naslovom “Koji je vaš toaletni papir govori o vama” was written by Ben Ambridge, for The Observer on Sunday 27th December 2015 08.30 UTC

This week let’s do a bit of – ahem – roll play. How do you prefer to hang your toilet roll? Do you like the loose end to be far away from the wall (the over style) or next to the wall (the under style)?

Now let’s see what Dr Gilda Carle (“relationship expert to the stars”) has to say about your choice.

If you roll over… You like taking charge, crave organisation and are likely to overachieve.

If you roll under… You’re laid-back, dependable and seek relationships with strong foundations.

If you don’t care, as long as it’s there… You aim to minimise conflict, value flexibility and like putting yourself in new situations.

But could your choice tell us something about your earning power? One US survey found that 73% of people who earn under $20,000 roll under, dok 60% of those who earn over $50,000 roll over. These surveys do not quite meet the standards required for a scientific psychology study – but if this column is your favourite bathroom reading it will give you something to ponder.

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