Google delists hundred of millions of ‘piracy’ links a year

Google delists hundred of millions of ‘piracy’ links a year

INTERNET SEARCH GIANT Google has delisted hundreds of millions of allegedly copyright infringing links this year.

2013 has seen Google’s calendar stuffed with deadlines for delisting web links, and according to reports it has had millions of demands and has complied with most of them.

Google’s latest transparency report shows a big spike at the start of this year that continues to ramp up over time.

This time last year Google was being met with 517,313 requests to remove links to domains. The latest number is 3,555,202. That is in a month.

In the UK, the top reporting organisation is recording rights outfit Degban. Second are the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In the past month Degban made 2,884,252 takedown requests and Google dealt with 13,829,857 demands to take down URLs.

An upload searching website called Filestube faces the bulk of requests, and according to Google it is the scene of 5,889,745 contentious URLs. and Rapidgator come in second and third.

We’ve seen demands for websites to be blocked increase this year, and places like Fenopy and H33t are now blocked to customers of the largest UK internet service providers (ISPs).

Many of them appear on the Google takedown list however, which suggests that some people are still managing to access them. Maybe through a proxy or something.

The Pirate Bay, perhaps the most notorious of all the blocked websites, does not appear in the takedown list. µ

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