Google Glass litekeena UK errepidetan unwelcome

Google Glass likely unwelcome on UK roads

AUGMENTED REALITY EYEWEAR Google Glass will likely be barred from the road in the UK because it essentially is a distraction and people must be paying attention when they are in charge of tonnes of steel and hundreds of horsepower.

The Telegraph reports that Google Glass will be banned for UK drivers. It will be frowned upon under the same rules that say you must not talk or text on a mobile phone while behind the wheel.

A spokesman for the Department of Transport told The INQUIRER that banned is too strong a word, adding that Glass, like so many other distractions, would have to be considered by it and the police pre-launch.

It is important that drivers give their full attention to the road when they are behind the wheel and do not behave in a way that stops them from observing what is happening on the road. A range of offences and penalties already exist to tackle those drivers who do not pay proper attention to the road including careless driving which will become a fixed penalty offence later this year,” esan zuen.

We are aware of the impending rollout of Google Glass and are in discussion with the police to ensure that individuals do not use this technology while driving.

While we are at it, we’ll remind you that the digital eyeware is also discouraged in places like strip clubs and casinos, and we would think dinner with the in-laws, cinemas and quiz nights, gehiegi. m

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