Kiam ĉiuj vi devas estas martelo, Isis aspektas kiel najlo

When all you have is a hammer, Isis looks like a nail


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Kiam ĉiuj vi devas estas martelo, everything starts to look like a nail. So perhaps its not surprising that when everyone and their dog pops above the parapet with a killer idea for how to deal with Isis, they all seem to suggest doing much the same thing they are always doing.

Ekzemple, if you’re a copyright lawyer, then clearly the answer involves using copyright law. Because Isis may be happy to slaughter thousands, sed ili scias ke hejmo-registrado estas mortigante muziko.

Paul Rosenwig, la fondinto de Homeland Security Consulting Company Ruĝa Branĉo, havas lertan planon. "Kio, se ion, povas esti farita por devigi provizantoj depreni kontoj kiam ili estas nevolaj farendaĵo tion libervole? La respondo, miaopinie, kuŝas en analogio al la Cifereca Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).?

Vi scias, la DMCA, la usona leĝo kiuj, estas honestaj, hasn’t been totally successful in completely removing illegal content from the internet and therefore might not be a model piece of legislation for navigating the tricky waters of governmental oversight of the internet.

Rosenwig’s idea is elegant, in a way. If you can’t get someone to take Isis propaganda down voluntarily, then make it so that continuing to host it is a crime. But not just any crime – a crime against copyright law, the worst sort of crime on the internet, maybe.

His proposal would allow a government-sanctioned third-party to claim copyright on any content associated with a terrorist organisation, and then fire off their own take-down notices.

Surely … surely there is a simpler solution than that?

We are legion. We are many. We are never gonna give you up

Anonymous certainly hopes so. It’s taken the hammer/nail cliche to the other extreme: when the hammer you have is “the power of arsing around on the internet”, then hopefully you can defeat the forces of international terrorism by arsing around in a really really targeted way.

post reaffirming its “war” with Isis in the days following the Paris attacks, the hacktivist collective has had some concrete success at combating Isis propaganda online.

A hundred thousand twitter accounts have been taken down and five thousand YouTube videos reported to, and subsequently removed by, the service, since the cyberwar began in January. More controversially, Anonymous has also taken to bombarding the websites of Isis-affiliated groups with distributed denial of service attacks, in an effort to knock them offline.

ĝi estas debatable how much such efforts actually help the larger movement against Isis, but the amount of effort Anonymous is putting towards the cause is impressive.

But not everyone involved in Anonymous is fully dedicated to riding the world of terror. Some have a second motivation: the lulz. Which might explain the latest proposed tactic. Anonymous planis iriti Isis ĝismorte per Rick Rulado ili.

Donita la mallongan atenton interspacoj de preskaux cxiu, kiu pasas tro da tempo en la interreto - Hal 90210 inkludis - la plano estas pri kiel versxajne vidi bonan havenon kiel Ruĝa Branĉo estas stranga aŭtorrajto ideo. Sed ni tenos vin ĝis dato.

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