How To Recover Deleted Photos From Your Android Phone?

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Your Android Phone?

Have you lost or accidentally deleted photos from your Android phone?

It is pretty unfortunate to lose your precious photos from your phone. If you have faced this problem, you already know the sufferings.

If it was possible to recover your deleted or lost photos, would you do it? We all know you would. Έτσι, if you are one of them, then this post is for you. On this post, you will learn all of the effective ways to recover deleted photos from your Android phone.

Let’s begin with the easiest and most effective method.

Σημείωση: if your deleted photos have been overwritten with new ones, then it will not be possible to recover all of the photos properly. Έτσι, it is better to not take any new photos or copy new files to your phone, after the deletion incident.

Using‘dr.foneRecover (Android Data Recovery)’to recover deleted pictures from your Android:

If you don’t want to waste your time by trying a bunch of useless data recovery software. Or if you are searching for a sure-fire way to recover your lost photos from your Android phone.

You can use the popular Android data recovery software‘dr.foneRecover (Android Data Recovery)’. It is a very powerful software. Among all of the methods we are going to mention, we can assure you that this method has the highest possibility to recover your lost photos.

This software has 3 different ways to recover photos from Android phones. Ένα από τα καλύτερα και μοναδικά χαρακτηριστικά αυτού του λογισμικού είναι ότι μπορεί να ανακτήσει τις διαγραμμένες φωτογραφίες ακόμη και από σπασμένα τηλέφωνα Android. Έτσι, αν έχετε ένα τηλέφωνο που έχει μια σπασμένη οθόνη ή το άγγιγμα δεν λειτουργεί. Χρησιμοποιώντας αυτό το λογισμικό, μπορείτε να ανακτήσετε τα αρχεία από το τηλέφωνο πολύ.

Για σενα, πρόκειται να αποκαλύψει όλα τα 3 μεθόδους εδώ αναλυτικά.

Έτσι, χωρίς άλλη καθυστέρηση, ας ξεκινήσουμε.

1διαδικασία st:

Ανάκτηση διαγραμμένες φωτογραφίες απευθείας από το τηλέφωνο Android:

  • Κατεβάστε και εγκαθιστώ η «dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery)’ λογισμικού στον υπολογιστή σας
  • Εκτόξευση το λογισμικό
  • Συνδέω-συωδεομαι your device to the PC with a USB cable

  • Allow USB debuggingon your Android phone (if you have done it already skip this step)


  • Now click on ‘Recover Phone Data’option from the top-left corner of the screen
  • As you will recover only the photos, check-mark on ‘Gallery’ and click ‘Next’

  • From the next window, you can either select ‘Scan for deleted files’ or ‘Scan for all files’(it takes more time but effective)

  • Click ‘Next’ and the scanning will start
  • After the completion of the scan, you will be able to preview all of your deleted photos under the ‘Gallery’ You can either select one by one or you can select all of them collectively


  • After selecting the photos you want to recover, click on ‘Recover’ and set an output folder where you are going to retrieve those photos. After the recovery process ends, you will find those lost images in that specific folder you have selected earlier.


2nd process:

Recover lost photos from external SD card of Android Phone:

Σημείωση:For this process, you will need an SD card reader

  • Εκτόξευση η «dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery)’ software on your PC
  • Click on the 2nd option ‘Recover from SD card’

  • Τώρα, you need to insert the SD card into the card reader and plug it into the USB portof your computer
  • Then the software will recognize your SD card and click on ‘Next’ to proceed


  • Select any of the scan modes from the two‘Scan for deleted files’ (faster but may not work properly) or ‘Scan for all files’ (slower but effective)
  • You can also select the ‘Advanced Mode’if you have not been able to recover the files using the ‘Standard Mode’. Αλλά, it will take a lot more time
  • After selecting your desired mode, click on ‘Next’ and the scan will start
  • Wait for the scan to be completed. After finishing, click on ‘Gallery’ from the left tab to see the preview of all of the recovered photos
  • Then you can select the photos individually or collectively
  • When you have selected all of the recovered photos of yours, click on ‘Recover’

  • A new popup will appear to set the destination folder. Browse and select your preferred destination folder. On that folder, you will find the photos you have just recovered


3rd Process:

This process is to recover photos from a broken Android phone. Ωστόσο, it is an advanced method. It has a limitation though. It is only compatible with some Samsung devices. Έτσι, if you don’t have a Samsung device, you won’t be able to try this method.

Recover photos from broken Android phone:

  • Εκτόξευση η «dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery)’ on your PC
  • Click on the last option ‘Recover from broken Phone’

  • Then click on ‘Gallery’ as you will recover photos from your Android phone
  • Click on ‘Start’ to continue
  • On the next window, you have to choose from either ‘Touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone’και ‘Black/broken screen’. Depending on your situation select any one of the options

  • Then select the ‘Name’ και‘Model’ of your Samsung device

  • Έπειτα click επί ‘I agree with the warning and I’m ready to proceed’and then click ’Next’

  • Depending on your mobile model, the software will provide the method to take your Android phone into ‘Download mode’. Follow the instruction on the screen

  • When you are sure that your phone has entered into ‘Download Mode’, connect it to your PC via USB cable and click on ‘Start’
  • Μετά από αυτό, the scan will be started
  • When the scan is completed, all of the photos will appear under the ‘Gallery’ tab
  • Click on the photos you want to recover and click on ‘Recover’

  • Έπειτα επιλέγω the destination folder and your recovered photos will be available on that very folder


If even after trying these methods, you are yet to recover lost photos of your Android device. Fear not! We have other methods for you. Let’s go.


Using an app on your Android phone:

There are a lot of apps on play store which can recover deleted photos from Android. Ωστόσο, most of them come with some limitations. To use some apps, you may need to root your device. Πάλι, for some apps, you need to buy the app.

Έτσι, we have tried a bunch of photo recovery apps from the Google Play Store. Ωστόσο, among them, we have found that only one app worked & has the best success rate. Έτσι, we are going to share with you all the details about that app below.

The name of the application is ‘Photo Recovery’from the developers ‘Tasty Blueberry PI’. Let’s see how to recover the deleted photos using this app.

Things you’ll require:

  • The ‘Photo Recovery’ app
  • Your Android Phone with at least 70% charge

Steps to use the app:

  • Download and install the ‘Photo Recovery’app from play store on your Android phone
  • Open the app on your phone and give this app permission to read the data of your phone by tapping ‘Allow’

  • If you want to recover photos from external SD card thentick markthe box ‘Also recover SD card?. Other than that keep that tick box empty


  • There’s two recovery method, the first one is faster but the second one is slower but works better than the first one
  • So if you have tried the first one but haven’t got your photos back then you should try the second method
  • Tap on either ‘Recovery Method 1’ or ‘Recovery Method 2’whichever you prefer

  • Then tap on ‘Start’ and instantly the app will start to scan for your deleted photos

  • After the scanning is completed, tap on ‘View recovered Photos’and it will open the folder named ‘ALL_RECOVERD_PHOTO’ (this is set by defaultby the app developers)
  • There in the ‘ALL_RECOVERD_PHOTO’ folder, you will find all of the deleted photos of your phone
  • Remember it will take a lot of time to recover photos in this method, so be patient

If everything goes fine, this method might work for you. Αλλά, if it doesn’t don’t worry at all. We have a lot of other systems to recover deleted photos from Android phone.


Using third-party apps:


If you are searching for how to recover deleted photos from Android phone for free. Then this process is for you. Ωστόσο, it is also not a guaranteed method. Έτσι, it might work or not. Your best shot is to give it a try.

Required things:

  • Recuva Software
  • Your PC
  • Your Android Phone
  • A USB cable
  • USB driver for your Android mobile (if it is the first time you are connecting your phone to your PC)
  • A card reader (if you want to recover photos from external SD card)

Steps to use this method:

  • Συνδέω-συωδεομαι your phone to your PC via the USB cable
  • From your phone’s notification bar, επιλέγω ‘USB Storage’
  • Μετά από αυτό, the internal storage of your Android phone will appear as a new ‘Removable disk’
  • If you want to recover deleted photos from the external SD card, you should insert the SD card to the card reader and plug it into your computer’s USB port (this step is only applicable for recovering photos from external SD card of your Android Phone)
  • Έπειτα launch the ‘Recuva’ software on your PC and click ‘Next’ to proceed

  • As you are going to recover photos, επιλέγω ‘Pictures’ from the new window


  • On the next screen, select the option ‘In a Specified Location’and browse to select the storage disk of your Android Phone and click ‘Next’ to proceed


  • The next screen will give you an option to ‘Enable Deep Scan’(είναι ένα slower but more effective scanning process). If you want to try deep scanning you can enable it by check-marking the empty box


  • Then if you are OK with all the settings, click on ‘Start’ and the scanning will start promptly


  • When the scanning is finished, you will be able to preview all of your recovered photos in the next screen
  • Μπορείτε να επιλέξετε οποιαδήποτε φωτογραφίες ξεχωριστά ή μπορείτε να «επιλέξετε όλα» για να ανακτήσει κάθε ένα από αυτά. Θυμηθείτε μόνο την 'Πράσινος' αρχείων χρώματος μπορεί να ανακτηθεί πλήρως
  • Μετά την επιλογή των φωτογραφιών σας, click on ‘Recover’
  • Από το παρακάτω αναδυόμενο παράθυρο, θα πρέπει να ρυθμίσετε το φάκελο εξόδου, όπου θα ανακτηθεί φωτογραφίες σας. Selectένα φάκελο διαφορετικό από το φάκελο από όπου θα έχετε την ανάκτηση των φωτογραφιών
  • Μετά την επιλογή της θέσης της ανάκαμψης κλικ στο 'ΕΝΤΑΞΕΙ' και αμέσως τα αρχεία θα ανακτηθούν στο προτιμώμενο φάκελο
  • Εν τέλει, a new popup window will appear to show the statistics of the whole operation. You can click 'ΕΝΤΑΞΕΙ' to complete the process
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