$4 Indiaidd Smartphones 'A fydd Ship Wythnos hon’

$4 Indian Smartphones ‘Will Ship this Week’

Ultra-rhad Bells Modrwyo Rhyddid 251 Credir Android ffôn yn flaenorol i fod yn Bydd sgam llong mewn swp o 200,000 - Ond bydd cwmni yn gwneud colled ar bob set llaw

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Y $4 ffôn Indiaidd y gallai rhai feddwl byth gwireddu reportedly yn bodoli, ond dim ond am fod y startup ei gynhyrchu yn gwneud colled ar bob un.

Rhyddid Bells Modrwyo 251, gyhoeddwyd yn wreiddiol am bris o £ 5, yn ôl pob golwg osod i long yr wythnos hon i gwsmeriaid sy'n preordered y ffôn ym mis Chwefror ar gyfer - ($3.70 neu £ 2.77). Am y pris hwnnw - yr un cwmni addo wreiddiol - mae'n colli y Rs startup Indiaidd 150 ($2.2 neu £ 1.65) ar bob smartphone.

Bells Modrwyo sylfaenydd a phrif weithredwr Mohit Goel wrth y Indiaidd Express: "Bydd gennym golled, but I am happy that the dream of connecting rural and poor Indians as part of the Digital India and Make in India initiatives has been fulfilled with Freedom 251.”

The 3G Android 5.1 smartphone has a 4in screen, 8-camera cefn megapixel, 3.2-megapixel selfie camera, a 1.3GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, gyda slot cerdyn microSD i ychwanegu mwy.

The company says that it has nearly 200,000 Freedom 251s ready to ship, with plans to open up orders again in the near future and ship 200,000 handsets a month, although to date no phones have been made available for scrutiny.

Since February, Ringing Bells has faced increasing scepticism. At the launch of the phone the company showed off supposed “prototypes”, which turned out to be smartphones made by another Indian manufacturer with the branding covered.

A government investigation led to a raid of the company’s offices over tax and the lack of certification for the device with the country’s telecoms regulator. Ringing Bells was also accused of cheating and threatened with lawsuits over the rebranding of Adcom smartphones.

Should Ringing Bells be able to ship a working Android smartphone to customers on the 30 June as planned, it will be quite an achievement, although whether a startup can sustain losing £330,000 a month at its planned shipment schedule remains to be seen.

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