Black & Decker LST136 Hataas Performance Ipalusot Trimmer Review

Sa kinatibuk-an Score4.5
  • Sayon pag-operate
  • Decent battery life
  • Performance
  • Black & Decker are a quite useful product as it has all the features to trim and shape the grass present in the courtyard. The battery operated unit will not make much noise as well. As it is easy to operate the unit, it is easy to train up the worker. The trimmer is very convenient to cut and shape intricate parts. You will certainly make the most from the investment. You should go through other products in the same category so that you will make a right choice based on the available features.

Kini kaayo sa gikinahanglan sa pagpadayon sa mga tanaman sa usa ka regular nga basehan. In this process various kinds of tools and equipments are used. In order to cut the grass at intricate locations such as walls and fountains, the instrument’s design should give you the utmost flexibility. You should be able to use the device at various speeds. When you will have the maximum flexibility, it is possible to shape the garden in such a way that you will enjoy the scenic beauty. By removing all the weeds and shaping the gross at the right heights, you will make the most of the outer space. Black & Decker LST 136 can help you in this matter as it has the right kind of trimming, edging and handling parameters.


Black Decker LST 136 has straight shaft. It can balance automatic and the responsiveness is very high. You can trim the grass quite easily even at narrow locations such as walls, fountains and trees. You can execute the job at great speed and it is possible to trim in the vertical line. Ang 36 volts rated trimmers comes with a straight shaft. The weight of the product is 7 libra. It has 0.065” cutting line.

Ang trimmer can be used quite confidently for regular purpose. It can be used to trim the grass after the regular mowing activities. You will be able to maintain the flower beds, sidewalks and borders quite easily by using various controls on the unit.


It is easy to handle the instrument. You can start a new line quite comfortably. The controls can be used easily. It is easy to handle the machine. Line advancements will happen automatically. The unit delivers more cutting power so that you will be able to deliver the job in an efficient manner. You can customize the power or runtime as per your requirements. There are mixed reactions from users. Ang battery power should be enhanced so that the user will be able to operate the trimmer for long hours. It is far better than the gas cutter as the maintenance will be very high with a gas cutter.


  • It is easy to operate
  • Easy to start the engine
  • It gives decent battery life
  • Light in weight
  • The instrument has enough power to perform light to medium jobs


  • No dual line
  • Comes with only one battery
  • The line might snap when the string advances




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