Brits fear losing their phones

Brits fear losing their phones

MORE THAN HALF of UK citizens would feel lost if they misplaced their mobile phones, according to a recent survey of the sort that is often released during the late summer.

According to an outfit called App River that released the survey results, over half of UK phone owners suffer from Nomophobia, which is the fear of being without one’s mobile phone.

App River, which offers some kind of managed secure device service, said that the phone is king because of how much we all use it.

It said that half of the population would take their phone with them to the beach and that a quarter of ladies look at their phone during a dinner date.

17 percent of people apparently work on emails while in bed and people are “obsessed” with not dropping their links for a second.

However, and this is where App River’s interest starts to make sense, just 30 percent of people are in a position to wipe their phones if they do become lost.

“What worries me is that, with so much information stored on them – from confidential office documents, contact details, emails, photos, bank log-ins, etc., when these devices get lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands the information is so easily exploited as little to any security precautions are taken,” said Fred Touchette, senior security analyst at App River.

“Our advice is always to protect your phone with security – at the very least with a password, and if you’re using it for work get your IT department to secure them with encryption or even better the ability to wipe them remotely.”



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