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Працуе на Guardian.co.ukГэты артыкул пад назвай “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд: вялікі, магутны і Samsung, яшчэ лепш” была напісана Самуэлем Гібса, для theguardian.com ў сераду 15 кастрычніка 2014 07.00 Універсальны Глабальныя ЧАС

Galaxy Note ад Samsung 4 гэта ўсё Фаблет любы мог калі-небудзь спатрэбіцца, і ў той час як гэта магло б быць працяг, каб працаваць з аднаго боку, ён абяцае быць прылада, каб зрабіць усё, што вы маглі б калі-небудзь спатрэбіцца – па меншай меры, на мабільным прыладзе.

Пасля нацягвання экрана ад 5.3in ў першую Galaxy Note Фаблет, затым да 5.5in, а затым 5.7in, Samsung вырашыў прытрымлівацца з памерам 5.7in і замест гэтага засяродзіўся на якасць зборкі і праграмнага забеспячэння для чацвёртай і апошняй Заўвага, спадзеючыся, як заўсёды, каб не адставаць ад канкурэнцыі з боку LG і Apple,.

Вы па-ранейшаму будзеце мець патрэбу па крайняй меры, дзве рукі

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
знайдзі адрозненні: Galaxy Note 4 справа, Нататка 3 злева, ці гэта? Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

Бок аб бок, гэта гульня заўважыць розніцу паміж Нататка 3 і Заўвага 4. Самае вялікае змяненне ў тым, што, падобна Galaxy Альфа, Заўвага 4 мае новы металічны каркас ад Samsung, якая змяняе месцамі танней перспектыўных пластыка для цвёрдых металічных рэбраў.

Таму той жа пластык, штучная скура як Note 3 які да гэтага часу адчувае сябе танным, асабліва ў параўнанні з коткай вуха, як задняй частцы Альфа.

Ён адчувае сябе цвёрдым і лепшы з смартфонаў ад Samsung на сённяшні дзень – вялікі крок наперад у параўнанні Заўвага 3 і Galaxy S5.

Вялікі экран робіць тэлефон цяжка трымаць і выкарыстоўваць у адной руцэ; пластык, штучная скура спіны і жорсткія рэбры забяспечваюць заспакойлівы счапленне, але нават з адной рукой рэжым Samsung, гэта не здавальняючы вынік. Гэта не немагчыма, і можа быць зроблена ў крайнім выпадку на трубцы, цягнік або аўтобус.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
Металічныя краю адлюстроўваюць новы Galaxy Альфа як новы мова дызайну кампаніі Samsung – значнае абнаўленне з пластыкавых абалонак. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

The quad-HD screen is crisp, bright and has wide viewing angles, which makes viewing videos, photos and browsing websites a more satisfying experience than on a smaller 5in smartphone, much more akin to a tablet.

The very high pixel density on the large screen of 515 pixel per inch allows smaller text to be read, but may require a magnifying glass to see it. для параўнання, the 5.5in Apple iPhone 6 Больш has a 401ppi and the Note 3 has 386ppi – the difference is visible on the tiny scale, but the merits of such a high resolution are debatable. The stylus, which slides out from the bottom of the phone, makes manipulating text on a tiny scale possible, but whether people are likely to want to do that is unknown.

Заўвага 4 is 8.5mm thick and weighs 176g, which is 4g heavier and 1.4mm thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus and 27g heavier but 0.4mm thinner than LG’s 5.5in G3, neither of which have a stylus. It is also 8g heavier and 0.2mm thicker than the Note 3.


  • Экран: 5.7у чатырох'ядравы HD Super AMOLED
  • Працэсар: 2.7 Ггц чатырох'ядравы працэсар Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
  • АЗП: 3ГБ аператыўнай памяці
  • Захоўванне: 32ГБ плюс MicroSD слот падтрымлівае да 128 Гб карт
  • Аперацыйная сістэма: Android 4.4.4 з Samsung TouchWiz
  • Зamera: 16-мегапіксэльная камера задняга віду, 3.7-мегапіксэльнай франтальнай камерай
  • Сувязь: LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 з BLE, ВК і GPS
  • Памеры: 153.5 х 78.6 х 8.5mm
  • Вага: 176г

Powerful but lasts two days

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
The screen is crisp with great viewing angles. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

Заўвага 4 has the most powerful Qualcomm processor to date with a top-of-the-line 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM. That makes the phablet fly, with no lag even with two different program side-by-side on-screen and many more running in the background.

The phablet will be able to handle pretty much anything. Most of that power goes to waste most of the time, but the new processor is also very power efficient. It lasts a solid two days on a charge even with heavy use, including push email all day, hundreds of notifications and three hours of browsing, 30 minutes of gaming and an hour of music streaming over Bluetooth.

When the battery does run out, Заўвага 4 charges fast using the USB power adapter that came with it, charging around 50% of the battery in 30 хвілін, as long as it isn’t completely flat to start with.

праграмнае забеспячэнне

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
The window mode shrinks apps like Chrome and the calculator into smaller windows with a drag-down from the top left-hand corner. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

Заўвага 4 has Samsung’s version of Android called TouchWiz, which includes a raft of small tweaks and changes.

Compared to the Note 3, Samsung has pared back on the confusing clutter. Gone are the useless gestures and power-sapping gimmicks, instead replaced by some useful features that are off by default but can be turned on when needed.

The option to increase the screen sensitivity to allow use through gloves is handy for the winter, while direct call that answers the phone when lifted to the ear is intuitive.

The biggest additions are around multitasking, allowing two apps to be used on-screen at one time. Multi-window only supported about half the apps I had installed including Chrome, Evernote and Gmail, but Twitter, Google Docs and Dropbox were notable exceptions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
Multi-window puts split-screen apps on the screen, па двое. The split between the apps can be varied to make one bigger or smaller. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

Other windows can be windowed by dragging down from the top left-hand corner, which I managed to do several times by accident while trying to pull down the notification shade.

стілус: useful for some, ignorable for most

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
The stylus slots into the bottom of the phone and stays hidden until needed. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

Заўвага 4 has Samsung’s ‘S Pen’ stylus, which slips discretely into the bottom of the phone. Most will likely use it a couple of times and then safely leave it in the slot, but scribbling on notes could be useful for some.

Selecting text, managing multiple windows and interacting with spreadsheets is also considerably easier using the stylus like a mouse pointer.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
The 16-megapixel camera on the back has optical stabilisation to smooth out camera shake, plus a heart rate monitor directly below it that can be used to trigger selfies. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

Заўвага 4 has a similar camera to the Galaxy S5 with added optical image stabilisation, which removes hand shake from photos and helps prevent blur in low-light conditions. Video is also made a lot smoother.

Images are generally sharp, with good detail and exposure. Low-light performance is also good, while Samsung’s camera app does a good job of balancing ease of use and manual adjustments.

Of note is the rear camera selfie mode, which locks onto the user’s face and vibrates until it captures a selfie. The heart rate sensor positioned just below the camera on the back can be used as a shutter button for front-facing camera selfies, while the new wide selfie mode is a cross between a panorama and a selfie, making sure everyone can fit in the picture.

сканер адбіткаў пальцаў

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
The Note 4’s fingerprint scanner sits under the home button and is the biggest and most accurate on a Samsung smartphone to date. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian

The fingerprint scanner on the Note 4 lets users unlock the phone and log into various websites, services and apps using a swipe of the finger. It is accurate 95% of the time and is generally faster than taping in passcodes and passwords, using one of three fingers or two thumbs.

Датчык сардэчнага рытму

A heart rate sensor on the back of the phone allows users to record their fitness using Samsung’s S Health app, along with steps and other activity-based fitness measurement. It works as advertised, but is more novelty than useful feature – heart rate monitors will only be useful when they are continually monitoring a user’s heart rate to see real changes, rather than ad hoc measurements.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 агляд
The removable back is plastic and made to look and feel a bit like leather, hiding a user-replaceable battery. Фотаздымак: Самуэль Гібс / The Guardian


Заўвага 4 costs £629 in black, bronze, pink or white, which is £10 more than the iPhone 6 Plus and £249 more than the LG G3, which costs £380.


Заўвага 4 is the best phablet Samsung has made yet. As very large phones go is it one of the most usable, most powerful and the stylus really can be useful in some circumstances.

One-handed use is difficult, but that is the compromise of having a screen larger than 5.5in or 5.7in this case. LG’s G3 is still easier to use one handed, but has a smaller screen.

Whether people should buy a phablet is another issue, but the Note 4 is the king of the Android phablet heap lasting two days on a charge and arguably the best developed phablet available at the moment.

Плюсы: large, sharp, colourful and bright screen, very solid build, вялікая камера, great battery life, добры сканер адбіткаў пальцаў, neat stylus

Мінусы: занадта вялікі для камфортнай працы адной рукой выкарыстання, heavier than the competition, дарагі, TouchWiz will annoy some

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