Germany mocks Google Fiber with 100Gbps WiFi demonstration

Germany mocks Google Fiber with 100Gbps WiFi demonstration

EVERY BROADBAND VENDOR wants to tell you that it has the fastest broadband, and most will tell you that theirs is faster than everyone elses. But what if your WiFi was so fast that you could download an HD 1080p movie in two seconds?

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has managed to do just that, with the first recorded speed of 100Gbps or roughly 12.5GBps. To put that in perspective, you could download the contents of an entire 1TB hard disk in less time than it takes to boil a kettle, and it’s much faster than Google’s Fiber WiFi offering which can reach speeds of 1Gbps.

The Millilink project funded by the German government has been looking for ways to soup up wireless connections in underserved areas, and following a successful trial at 40Gbps earlier this year has upped the ante even further.

But don’t expect any proclaimations from Usain Bolt that it’s coming to a home near you. The system used bandwidth around the 240GHz mark, and was created by differentials between data carried on two laser beams before a chip made from III-V transistors turned it into something recognisable. Plus there is another small problem, as presently it travels only 20 м.

Аднак, potential opportunities are there for future infrastructure, for example with wholesale WiFi being carried en masse like television signals before being subdivided at a local level. Perhaps we won’t see 100Gbps to the home any time soon, but 100Gbps to the neighbourhood could mean faster speeds for everyone, even in remote areas, albeit at a more leisurely pace. м

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