Дзесяткі загінулых у сутыкненьнях на МОРС мітынгу ў Егіпце

Dozens killed in clashes at Morsi rally in Egypt

дзесяткі МурсіПрыхільнікі 's былі забітыя ў суботу Егіпта капітал як гвалт ўспыхнула на масавых мітынгах за і супраць зрынутага ісламіст прэзідэнт, медыкам і Браты-мусульмане сказаў.

Кровапраліцце праз некалькі гадзін пасля таго, як ваенна-падтрымцы міністра ўнутраных спраў, Махамед Ібрагім, папярэдзіў даўняга сядзячай ў Каір па МОРС лаялістамі бы скончыўся “у рамках закона”.

Армія звергнутага Мурсі ў народзе пры падтрымцы перавароту ў ліпені 3, і дзесяткі тысяч прыхільнікаў з свайго братэрства з тых часоў былі разбілі лагер за межамі раба аль-Adawiya мячэці горада ў дзёрзкі імкненні атрымаць яго аднавілі.

Прынамсі 75 Прыхільнікі Мурсі былі забітыя ў ходзе сутыкненняў з паліцыяй і іншай 1,000 параненым на дарозе ў аэрапорт Каіра ў суботу раніцай, лекары на ісламістамі арганізаванай палявы шпіталь сказаў.
лідэр Братэрства, Мурад Алі, told AFP that police had fired live rounds, but the official MENA news agency cited a security official it did not identify as denying the police used any live bullets.

Running battles broke out at dawn on the road to Cairo international airport, with police firing tear gas at stone-throwing protesters, MENA said.

Buckshot was fired, but it was unclear from which side.

Thousands of supporters and opponents of the coup also took to the streets of the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, sparking fierce clashes that killed seven people and wounded 194.

The bloodshed came as the interim interior minister said the military-backed government would move swiftly to break up the Islamist protest camp in the Nasr City district of Cairo.
There will be decisions from the prosecutor soon, and this situation will be ended,” Mohammed Ibrahim told satellite television channel Al-Hayat.

Army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who orchestrated the coup, had called for a mass show of support on Friday for a crackdown onterrorism”.

Hundreds of thousands of anti-Morsi protesters obliged and gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and around the Itihadiya presidential palace.

A spokesman for army-installed president Adly Mansour said the numbersaffirmed the rejection of terrorism,” MENA said.

But the Islamist Anti-Coup Coalition said Friday’s turnout by its supporters proved that those who took part in the ralliesreject the bloody, military fascist coup that wants to set the wheel of history back”.

We believe the next two days will be decisive in the history of Egypt,” the group said.

The violence came after the authorities charged Morsi with murder and formally remanded him in custody for 15 дзён. He had been held without charge since hours after his ouster.

Morsi stands accused of thepremeditated murder of some prisoners, officers and soldierswhen he broke out of prison during the 2011 uprising that toppled veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak, MENA said.

The ousted Islamist was also suspected of conspiring tostorm prisons and destroy themallowing prisoners to escape, including himself”.

On June 23, a court said Hamas militants facilitated the escape of prisoners during the 18-day uprising that forced out Mubarak.

Detention orders of the type issued by the court against Morsi are usually followed by moving a suspect to prison. The military has so far kept Morsi’s whereabouts secret to avoid attracting protests by his supporters.

Gehad El-Haddad, a Brotherhood spokesman, denounced the detention order, saying Mubarak’s regime wassignalling ‘we’re back in full force.'

Егіпет, the Arab world’s most populous country of 84 мільёнаў чалавек, has been rocked by violence that has killed some 200 people since the coup.

The army has said there will be no reneging on a roadmap to fresh elections next year.

But the Brotherhood and allied Islamist groups have rejected the interim government and vowed to press their protests until Morsi is reinstated.

Western governments are watching the crisis in Egypt with growing unease, fearing the military may be angling for a prolonged power grab.

The ЗША has decided not to label the army’s overthrow of Morsi acoup”, a move that would trigger an automatic freeze of some $1.5 мільярд (1.1 млрд еўра) in aid, a US official said.

Nevertheless Washington on Wednesday suspended the delivery of four promised F-16 fighter jets.

Egypt’s military is also facing a low-level insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel. Militants killed a civilian and wounded five soldiers in attacks in the region on Friday.



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