Exoplanet inkişaf prosesində isə müşahidə?

Exoplanet Observed While In The Process Of Development?

inkişaf prosesində bir exoplanets? NASA’s Hubble Area Tlescope could have recently found just such a thingan unusual space in a massive protoplanetary disk of gas and dust turning around the red dwarf star TW Hydrae.

TW Hydrae is located about 176 light-years away in the constellation Hydra — the Sea Serpent. The only plausible explanation — yet put forward — for the gap in the protoplanetary disc that surrounds the star is that it is the result of a growing planet that is gravitationally gathering up much of the material that would otherwise be there. Of course such a planet has yet to be observed, and there are other possibilities.

Something to note, the distance between the gap and the parent star is rather large ‚ 7.5 billion miles. If the proposed planet was within our solar system that would put it at about two times the distance from the Sun that Pluto is quite a distance.

The location of the proposed planet seems strange though, to those in field ‚ challenging most popular theories on how planets form. The most popular theory claims that over a period of tens of millions of years that the material of a protoplanetary disc slowly aggregates concentrating the dust, rocks, and gas, of the disc into a proto planet. TW Hydrae and its newly proposed planet don‚Äôt match up with this theory though ‚the star system is only 8 million years old. There has not been enough time for a planet to grow through the slow accumulation of smaller debris. Faktiki olaraq, a planet at 7.5 billion miles from its star would take more than 200 times longer to form than Jupiter did at its distance from the Sun because of its much slower orbital speed and a deficiency of material in the disk”. mənbə: Planetsave

When I initially saw the space structure, it simply popped out like that, Debes clarifies. The truth that we see the space at every wavelength informs you that it’s a structural attribute rather than a critical artifact or an attribute of how the dust scatters light.

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