شرف 10 مراجعة

Honor 10 Review
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  • شرف 10 is another example of an excellent smartphone that comes very close to matching the latest top-of-the-range phones, but costs significantly less.

Huawei has another hit on its hands with a good balance of features, price and feel for £400 – if you forget the AI camera

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شرف 10 هو خفض سعر قسط الهاتف الذكي تقدم هواوي التي تأمل أن تذهب أخمص القدمين إلى أخمص القدمين مع فون وسامسونج لنحو ثلث أقل من متوسط ​​السعر.

الغريب, شرف 10 هو الهاتف الشرف الثانية مع 10 بدأت في اسمها هذا العام, بعد شرف 10 عرض صدر في فبراير, التي لديها أساسا بنفس المواصفات. شرف 10 عرض لا يزال على بيع 450 £, وهو 50 £ أكثر من الشرف 10, ويحتوي على شاشة أكبر قليلا.

أن غالاكسي S8 يشعر

شرف 10 مراجعة
مخفيا جديد ماسحة البصمات بالموجات فوق الصوتية الشرف 10 في بسلاسة وراء زجاج الشاشة. صورة: صموئيل غيبس لصحيفة الغارديان

شرف 10 يتبع الاتجاه من قبل شركة سامسونج مع مجموعة من منذ غالاكسي S6 ثلاث سنوات وجود زجاج في الأمام والخلف. الزجاج على الظهر المنحني, حواف الهاتف هي معدن مصقول, مما يجعله يشعر بالضبط تقريبا مثل سامسونج غالاكسي S8 أو S9. انها ناعمة, يشعر جدا جيدة الصنع وهو بلا شك الأكثر قسط شعور الشرف بعد أن يكذب في "الميزانية" وضع السوق.

شاشة LCD 5.84in تملأ معظم واجهة الجهاز, short of a fingerprint sensor at the bottom and a notch into the screen at the top containing a selfie camera, earpiece speaker and sensor. It is proving to be the “year of the notch” and the Honor 10 is bang on trend.

The screen looks very good, with solid brightness and colours, and it is pretty crisp. It isn’t as good as Huawei’s OLED screen on its top-end P20 Pro, nor the OLED screen on the closer competitor أونيبلوس 6, but it is still a good-looking display and most will be very pleased with it.

تحديد المواقع والماسحات الضوئية بصمة على واجهة الجهاز ليس شيئا جديدا, ولكن الشرف 10 واحدة من أول الماسحات الضوئية بصمة بالموجات فوق الصوتية المتاحة تجاريا (معظم البعض الآخر بالسعة). على هذا النحو ليس هناك أخدود أو غيرها المادية بمناسبة فصله من الزجاج. وهي تعمل مع اليدين رطبة, ولكن يتطلب وجود صحافة أكثر حزما بكثير من الماسحات الضوئية بالسعة وكان أبطأ قليلا من الشرف 10 طريقة العرض قارئ بصمات الأصابع التقليدية.

في 153g و7.7mm سميكة الشرف 10 يشعر ضوء جميلة وضئيلة, stacking up well compared with top-end competition. The thin bezels around the relatively small screen mean it’s also quite small for a modern smartphone, and therefore easy to handle. There’s a headphone jack in the bottom, which is becoming a rare feature.


  • شاشة: 5.84في FHD + LCD (432نقطة في البوصة)
  • المعالج: الثماني النواة هواوي كيرين 970
  • الرامات "الذاكرة العشوائية في الهواتف والحواسيب: 4GB من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي
  • تخزين: 128GB
  • نظام التشغيل: EMUI 8.1 بناء على الروبوت 8.1 أوريو
  • كاميرا: المزدوج الخلفي 16MP كاميرا + 24النائب, 24النائب الكاميرا الأمامية التي تواجه
  • الاتصال: LTE SIM المزدوجة, واي فاي, NFC, بلوتوث 4.2 وGPS
  • أبعاد: 149.6 س 71.2 س 7.7 مم
  • الوزن: 153ز

Good performance, حسن عمر البطارية

شرف 10 مراجعة
شرف 10 lasts for a day and a half, so should get through even the heaviest of days. صورة: صموئيل غيبس لصحيفة الغارديان

شرف 10 has the same processor as the شرف 10 رأي, هواوي ماتي 10 إلى و P20 Pro, but has a smaller amount of RAM with only 4GB compared to 6GB. You can notice the difference – the Honor 10 is a little slower when switching between apps, but on the whole is a fast and smooth device to use. You have to pay another £69 to buy a phone that feels faster.

Battery life is great, but not quite class-leading, lasting about 32 ساعات بين التهم, starting up at 7am on day one and dying at 3pm on day two.

That was while using it as my primary device, browsing and using apps for five hours while receiving hundreds of push emails and messages, مشاهدة 90 دقيقة من نيتفليكس, taking about 20 photos and listening to seven hours of music via Bluetooth headphones.

EMUI 8.1

شرف 10 مراجعة
Various automatic and manual power-saving modes are built into EMUI. صورة: صموئيل غيبس لصحيفة الغارديان

شرف 10 runs Huawei’s modified version of Android called EMUI 8.1, based on the latest الروبوت أوريو 8.1.

It is essentially the same version as running on the هواوي P20 برو, and very similar to every other recent Huawei phone, including the Mate 10 Pro and the Honor 10 View released earlier this year.

EMUI looks like a cross between Android and Apple’s iOS. Out of the box it lacks Android’s app drawer, meaning every installed app has an icon on the homescreen, just like iOS, but there is an option to enable the drawer. Google Feed is available on the left-most homescreen pane, there’s a light customisation of notifications, but the big additions EMUI has over standard Android are power-saving features.

For the most part these work very well – stopping apps from draining your battery in the background for example – but occasionally they will cause issues, stopping you receiving notifications or background functions. EMUI also handles the screen’s notch well, including the ability to hide it with an always-black status bar either side, just like the P20 Pro.


شرف 10 مراجعة
The camera app has built-in object and scene recognition, but the ‘AI’ ends up simply skewing colours and saturation rather than being helpful. صورة: الجارديان

The camera system on the Honor 10 is a bit of a mixed bag. On the back you have two cameras, one 16-megapixel and one 24-megapixel, which work in conjunction to produce images, simulate depth of field effects and other tricks.

The cameras themselves are capable of producing some good photos. Low light isn’t the best, but it isn’t terrible either and on the whole the Honor 10 holds its own with the competition. The “AI camera” element is probably the worst bit.

It’s meant to identify the scene and objects, but generally just produced photos that look like ultra-processed Instagram photos. It was particularly bad with grass, turning it highlighter green. I got much better results with it switched off.

الكاميرا صورة شخصية جيدة, but struggled to produce images that were pin sharp in dim indoor lighting.


شرف 10 مراجعة
Turning off the camera’s AI system is easy thanks to a button directly in the main shooting mode. صورة: صموئيل غيبس لصحيفة الغارديان
  • There’s no wireless charging or water resistance
  • The blue version is stunning, with a similar pearlescent paint job as the Huawei P20 Pro
  • A screen protector comes fitted out of the box
  • There’s an IR blaster in the top for using the phone as a remote
  • Face unlock is fast, often unlocking the phone before the fingerprint scanner, but you are trading some security for convenience


شرف 10 comes in either blue, black or grey and costs £400.

للمقارنة, the 6.28in أونيبلوس 6 costs £469 with 64GB of storage, و6in شرف 10 رأي costs £450 with 128GB, the 6.1in هواوي P20 برو costs £799 with 128GB, و6in هواوي ماتي 10 إلى costs £699 with 128GB, و6.2in Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs £869 with 128GB, و6in جوجل بكسل 2 XL costs £799with 64GB, و5.8in اي فون X costs £999 with 64GB.


شرف 10 is another example of an excellent smartphone that comes very close to matching the latest top-of-the-range phones, but costs significantly less. On the whole Huawei has cut the right corners to make the Honor 10 shine against the competition.

Of course it isn’t perfect, and lacks wireless charging and water resistance. But it has many redeeming features, feeling every bit as good in the hand as a phone costing twice as much. The screen is good, the camera (if you turn off the AI mode) is good, performance and battery life are good, and it even still has a headphone socket.

شرف 10 is so good I’m not quite sure why you would buy Huawei’s other 5.8in phone with a notch, the P20, that costs another £179, which means Huawei is competing with itself. Compared to rivals, you have to spend another £69 to find a better phone in the أونيبلوس 6, meaning the Honor 10 is arguably the best phone you can get right now for £400.

شرف 10 مراجعة
The black glass back is subtle, but other colour options stand out much more. صورة: صموئيل غيبس لصحيفة الغارديان

الايجابيات: حسن عمر البطارية, الروبوت 8.1 أوريو, أداء جيد, good camera, شاشة جيدة, يشعر متميزة, دعم سيم المزدوج, مقبس سماعة الرأس

سلبيات: لا مقاومة للماء, لا الشحن اللاسلكي, AI كثيرا ما يجعل الكاميرا أسوأ, لا بلوتوث 5 الدعم, glass back more fragile than metal

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