AMD launches the Firepro W9100 professional OpenCL graphics card

AMD launches the Firepro W9100 professional OpenCL graphics card

AMD HAS ANNOUNCED its latest professional graphics card with Open Computing Language (OpenCL) support and designed for next generation 4K workstations, the AMD Firepro W9100.

With support for up to 2.62 TFLOPS of GPU compute power and 4K multi-display capabilities, the Firepro W9100 is built for video, design and engineering professionals to allow them to work at “a whole new level of detail, speed, responsiveness and creativity”, AMD said.

“AMD Firepro W9100 graphics cards feature half rate double precision, enabling more than 2 TFLOPS of peak double precision performance on a graphics processor for the first time,” the firm explained.

“Unlike competing cards that are not optimised for double precision, Firepro W9100 workstation graphics cards offer the most double precision performance, completing compute-intensive tasks faster than ever.”

The AMD Firepro W9100 has 16GB of GDDR5 memory onboard with a 512bit memory interface and 320GBps of memory bandwidth.

AMD said this will allow workstation users to multi-task efficiently across up to six 4K displays, load lots of assemblies and data sets to manipulate them, or edit, colour-correct and layer in multiple effects in 4K video projects, all in real-time.

“Powered by AMD’s latest Graphics Core Next architecture, [the] AMD Firepro W9100 gives creative professionals supercomputing-class performance from a single GPU,” AMD claimed.

“With such visual supercomputing performance, professionals can work on the most complex engineering and creative projects in ultra-high resolutions, helping them to keep track of even the smallest details.”

The graphics card also has up to 5.24 TFLOPS of peak single precision GPU compute performance, which the firm said will help reduce the time required to complete single precision operations used in simulations, post production and effects, signal processing, video transcoding and digital rendering applications where high performance takes precedence over accuracy.

AMD said its Firepro W9100 will be available later this spring from its global distribution partner Sapphire Technology, AMD Firepro Ultra workstation vendors, and in HP Z820 and HP Z620 workstations for customer or channel integration.

Last week AMD signed a deal with Mentor Graphics to develop embedded Linux software tools for AMD heterogeneous, multi-core and system on chip (SoC) processors built for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The multi-year partnership aims to provide embedded developers with “a more manageable and focused open source framework”, giving them more supported processor options and higher quality development tools for faster open source systems development.

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